2010.11.10: In which Spezza rides the dual unicorn of Neil (Phillips) / Winchester goals

Conrad to James

Sens I would sign to Time Life deals

It’s always a good game when you get goals from both Phillips and Winchester. (I know they later gave Phillip’s goal to Neil, who apparently got his stick on it, and that’s almost as special – but not quite as rare as a Phillips goal, so I’m blacking out that particular bit of memory.)

Also, James’ recent arguments that a player like Spezza would be impossible to replace if traded are playing out almost nightly since he came back. He’s playing with all kinds of confidence right now, is forechecking hard, and I can’t remember the last time I saw a no-look drop pass from him – though he did start getting fancier once they went up 4-1. He’s treading that fine line of swagger; it’s an essential part of his success (It did give us the famous Jubilee Jewellers Souray Deke-Out after all) but it can also result in his being embarassed. I think the ghost has been given up on Jason outgrowing the theatrics: it’s part of his game. On nights like last night, I’m fine with it.

Gonchar is looking like he’s worth every penny of that deal. Senators were something like 28th on the PP last year. This year: 14th. Leapfrogging half the league is well-worth the extra mill Murray spent by going after Gonchar rather than re-signing Volchenkov. The first goal on the powerplay was a thing of laser-like beauty – Spezza’s clean faceoff win to Karlsson, who immediately dishes to Gonchar rather than holding the puck to take a look at the situation, who shoots a one-timer. Took about four seconds to score. Gonchar has 11 points in 15 games.

Elliott. You know how there are dirty goals? Elliott is making dirty saves.

I’m also seeing what Murray was hoping he’d see nightly from Kovalev. Lots of creativity, lots of the fabled “making room for other players.” Here’s hoping he doesn’t go cold soon.

Sens I would buy out

Winchester scored, but then nearly scored on his own net about two minutes later. The life of a fourth liner is a tragic play.

Foligno was bumped down to the fourth line, and while his hard drive to the net led to Winchester’s goal, it’s frustrating to see him lose his big chance at the top six.


Yesterday was such a feel good game. First: because it was against the Thrashers, a team against which we traditionally shit the bed at home. Second: look at the reaction from Winchester’s linemates after he scored. It was like they’d just won a playoff game. Similarly, it was grins all up and down the bench after Phillips wired a shot in.

James to Conrad

Sens I would prepare a McCain Rising Crust Pizza for:

Steven (Image sorcerer). You are fucking killing it.

Jaaaaaaaasooooooooon Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Where you at trade Spezza after three games fans? Where you at? And WHAT IS WITH ME AND THIS CONSTANTLY WRITING ABOUT PIZZA?

Seriously, like the band Kings of Leon’s Don’t Pay a Cent Event would say This Stick is on Fire (I promise this is my last post before I quit the blog today – hear that guys? You cant fire me).
Who ever it is that is feeding Spezza magic beans while he is injured keep doing what you’re doing. As Conrad pointed out he is playing with a lot more composure than he has in the past. I think he is also realizing he’s a pretty big dude and oh…has an amazing shot.

“Comes ze shooting, comes ze goals, Count Alexei Kovalev Transylvanian Agriculture Minister)

Sergei Goncharbroiled goodness.

“Comes ze prank war, comes ze scenes of nudity”, Alexei Kovalev, director/producer of Porkies 3)
I know it’s an easy stat but I can stop bringing up how this guy has more points than Ilya Kovalchuk.

Bri-Bri Destiny Elliot

Guy was on some Hasekian lead preserving breakdancing tip last night. Hey you know who is gunna be in the hall of fame one day? Dominek Hasek. Happy is the game where I compare Brian Elliot to Vezina winning goaltenders not named Jim Carey.

Erik Karlsson.

This puppycat is quietly amassing more points than…oh I don’t know…Ilya Kovalchuk (who, again, is in my pool) but seriously folks, my pool is dryer than the one in Tony Hawk’s back yard *rim shot* *dodges beer bottles* Thanks you’ve been greaaat.

David Hale(‘s pass to Spezza)
Pretty kick butt pass.

Sens I would force to pick up the tab for Pizza Cones for the whole team.

Me. If I was on the Sens I think we can all agree I would be the worst. I mean look at me. I had to rock the highlights only on this one so I only saw the good times. No complaints. Im not going to give Michalek a hard time. If I had tendonitis in my surgically repaired knee id probably tack ten months off and cry a lot. Stay alert, stay safe, 9MM.


Banking points for the approaching challenges of a tough road trip. I thought Clouston was a little wild for starting Elliot of a record 79th consecutive game but that’s why he’s the coach and I’m the garbage monster! Right, so when DO you start Leclaire? Some tough competition up ahead. I don’t know but it is safe to say the team can afford to give him a try, though it is clear they trust Elliot way more and play with more confidence in front of him GEE I WONDER WHY.

Hey Sens fans, Lets all try to make it out to that Binghamsandwich Senators and Hamilton Bullfrogs, front row seats are 19 bones!


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