2010.10.18: In which we could admit that things might have gone better, but don’t

I think that the game is very much in the plastic bag, fellows

Conrad to James, Pete

Ok, so I’m not going to go off too much on the whole getting outscored 12-1 in two games given the horrible circumstances under which the Sens played last night (other than to say that the Canes really have got the Sens’ number when they play in Raleigh). I wasn’t able to watch the game because I don’t throw my paycheque away on speciality channels, but you saw it Pete. What did you think? Complete and utter write-off?

State of the Union!

Sens are basically a .500 club again, which isn’t that bad unless these last two games are the beginning of a 7-game losing streak. Kovalev’s 1000th point will occur any day now. I predict that he celebrates by not giving a shit.

Around the League!

I watched some Pens – Nucks last night. NEWS FLASH: Sidney Crosby is really fucking good. I think I saw a stat at one point that said he had 16 points in his last nine? Sheeeeeeeesh. Guy is like a hockey assassin.

I still can’t believe Gainey’s Build-This-Team-From-A-Fantasy-Hockey-Club’s-Waiver-Wire strategy actually worked. Habs are playing their brains out right now. I hate to live in a world where they’re at the top of the standings, given their completely obnoxious and Euro-like fans, but they are the lesser of several evils.

James to Conrad, Pete

Hey guys, I’ve been away….whats been going on with the Se–GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!

I tuned into the game last night to the sound of the Fox Sports Carolina (state? oh what? needs to be distinguised between North and South? wtvr, “theres no time” – Jessy Spanno host of the show, Spanno Speaks, one episode).

Anyhoo, before the picture faded in I hear the guy going “And the Hurricanes really have the tiger by the tail here” and I thought “isnt it still very much the 1st period?” Screen fades in and I see Pascal Leclaire warming up. Because I am into Sports BDSM, I watched the whole game. Not much to say, the tragic circumstances surrounding the game are spoken for at this point. That’s not to say there werent a lot of glaring bad habits that have long been around before this match, like the constant surrender of short-handed breakaways. Our goalies have for the most part done a great job of covering up how many of these have been occuring, but I mean…there are a lot of Mike Richardseses and Eric Ssttaallss around the league, and they are starting to make us pay big time for this.

State of the Union

“Baby it aint over till its ooooooooovahhh” Leonard Kravitz, Car Salesman

…still though the Sens need a big decisive win

Happy to be back!

Pete to James, Conrad

Meh, they get a free pass from me for last night’s game. Burn the game tape and move on. Though I still believe that Elliott should have never started. Leclaire didn’t do much better, but shortly after he entered they did carry the play for maybe a period.

Karlsson was brutal last night, skittish with the puck and a giant pulsating bad decision. This is getting into broken record territory here, but if you put a bunch of slight puck movers on the back end the power forwards of the league are going to set up shop in your kitchen.


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