2011.01.18: “Willkommen” is not Korean for “Play the trap”


First thing’s first: couple more people joining us in the discussion thread today. If you think we’ve got it bad, one of them wakes up at 9am to watch Sens games because she’s living in South Korea. The rest of us combine being really tired with booze in order to create a kind of haze wherein the eventual losses start to feel comforting. But imagine watching that excremental loss to Calgary first thing in the morning. On nothing but coffee. And spicy cabbage. If it were me, I’d follow the Seoul Sea Basses.
The Sens are now two points back of…sigh…the Toronto Maple Leafs in the standings. Things were bad a couple of weeks ago when we were asking ourselves if the boys could go on a run, and then they lost eight of their last nine. Their one win coming against the Islanders, and they tried as hard as they could to blow that, too. I don’t think any of us imagined it could possibly be this bad, and this early in the season too. Not so long ago we were reacting with righteous indignation that The Hockey News would possibly pick the Sens to finish tenth in the East. There are thirty six more games to go, and they might actually fall below the Islanders at some point.
And yet…no changes. Clouston is still the coach, Murray the GM. All the players are still hockey players, having not yet registered in Algonquin College’s carpentry program. Is our only hope to wait for the deadline and fantasize about potential returns, or should we, like James (a better man than I, I should add) enjoy the ephemeral pleasures of watching supremely skilled athletes play a beautiful game and enjoy the win if it comes, and tough out the losses, should they occur? Like men. Which I’ve never really claimed to be one of.
I watched exactly five minutes of the Caps game, and during that five minutes Chris Phillips threw the puck into his own slot and it resulted in a goal. And then went to throw my laundry in the dryer and when I walked back into the room I was reading about “Two goals :45 apart!” Anyone else watch? Any thoughts?


Cool, fresh perspectives to our pity party. Do these fellow sadists have names? Really looking forward to the new spin on our fancy-pants hockey club.

As an aside, can I get a little sympathy? I was at the Calgary game! Okay so its not waking up halfway across the world level of sympathy but I did sit next to obnoxious Americans who did not shut up the entire game. They got trashed off two beers. Then as an added indignation, they got on the “jumbotron” (nothing jumbo about it really) and I had to get their attention, otherwise they would have missed their seven seconds of fame.

“Hey spazzes, you’re on the big screen.”

I am a terrific ambassador for sens hockey!

This team is worse than the leafs, that much is not up for debate anymore. As embarrassing as it is, their recent play has proven so. Not even a credible argument otherwise. Giveaways are the hallmark of this club. Blatant, ugly mistakes that aren’t helping anyone’s trade value. At least fuck up with a purpose gents!

Which brings me to the only saving grace on the horizon, tanking. Count me in me on this scuttle mission!

I watched a brief amount of the Caps game and saw more of the same. I miss the days when they’d have schizophrenic games where they beat LA and Phoenix. We’re past that now.


Second thing’s second: thanks for letting me jump into the thread. Mark February 5th on your calendar as a must: Ottawa plays the Islanders in a game that will end a 2 week losing streak.

Pessimism aside, is everyone happy that Locke got his chance with the big boys? The Ottawa Sun sports braintrust and many desperate fans finally saw this AHL all star in action and realized that he’s the Canadian equivalent of Kovalev. Heartless. Floater. How can a dude that small be so slow? I saw that some folks called him a slow Shannon…which is a really scary prospect in itself (when I say prospect, I don’t mean future roster player with potential). I’d rather see Jimmy O get the playing time.


I’m getting razed by f’in Leafs fans in TO, which is really ridiculous since they are not in a playoff spot and have not been to the annual tourney in what seems like an eternity. I think Kim Campbell was Prime Minister the last time they made it. The Leafs are ahead of the Sens, but that doesn’t squat until you’re in the top 8. New rule for all the ingrates that reside in Leaf Nation: you CANNOT talk to me about hockey until your team makes the playoffs. Stampsies. No takebacks.

Kuba sucks.

Marc P
Stranger In Leaf Nation


Marc, I like the cut of your jib.

I spent the entire Calgary game yelling at Kuba, it was only after he sprayed windshield wiper fluid in my face that he managed to shake me and I rolled to a stop somewhere along the 417.


That’s brutal.

A quick word of advice: hide in the trunk. Works everytime.


I usually see Kuba on the long OC Transpo rides home from losses. He always hops on using the rear door or tries to use an expired transfer.


That Caps game started way too early for me to be up for the puck drop, but when I woke up I figured I might as well tune in for the third. WORST DECISION EVER. I thought with both Spezza and Kovalev being out, the Sens would have fractionally fewer giveaways. Oh right, but then there’s Phillips. It’s a good thing he’s not a DEFENSEMAN or anything. Shit.

Are we really going to just keep dragging Clouston along? It seems like the Sens Army cling to the occasional win, or as times get desperate, a good period as evidence that the players haven’t given up on him. But come on, enough is enough already. So far the players are being shown, that even when everything goes to absolute shit no changes are going to be made.

I agree that we should just let the kids play at this point. I did the math the other night (before Calgary) and if the Sens went on to win 50% of their games (which I just don’t see happening) they would hit 80 points. You can’t get into the playoffs with 80 points. On top of that, even with a high draft pick, it’s not likely that the kid will play next year. Most of these drafts take at least one, if not two years to condition in the AHL. Let’s take a look at some players who are ready to play and try them out. It’ll be like an extended training camp.

Okay it’s time for this girl to get some coffee in her, and enjoy a morning that is not filled with tears and rage. Any predictions for tomorrow’s games against the Ducks?

Peter, not only do I live on the other side of the world but when I was home for Christmas, I went to the Carolina game. I go to one game all year, and the Sens cannot even be bothered to score a goal!


Against Anaheim: It’s too early for the Sens to win another one since their pace seems to be 1 win in every seven or eight games, so I would go with Anaheim for the win. I say we’ll get markers tonight from Winchester, who’s been working hard and playing with heart and Alfie who is determined to carry this team on his back. Too bad we’ll get garbage goaltending from whoever ends up in net, and Anaheim will take it 4-2. I like Winnie and Neil on a line together, but I think Regin would be a better center for them. Now that Michalek is showing some speed again, putting him with Kelly and Alfie should show some results but Alfie really can’t do it all himself.


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