2011.02.15: In which perhaps it will be us who now enjoys getting scored on seven times and beaten up by pirates


So if that game vs Edmonton was the terlet bowl I suppose that makes this game the bidet bowl (too classy?)

Tell you what, that Islanders game vs Pittsburg was the bowel bowl (only ten more bowl jokes left dear reader!) considering that it is suspected that Lehner is supposed to start this bad boy and got all Mr Elbowstein on whatever (now injured) seventh string goalie NYI had in net that night, this could get ugmo! (probably won’t get that ugmo)

Drawing into the line up is up and coming guy named Gabbo Erik Condra…also coming off point production reconstructive surgery is winger Alex Kovalev. Team physicians could not guarantee the reconstruction would hold all season but were confident there will be noticeable improvements until about 3pm eastern standard time on February 28. It’s a medical miracle!

In other Sens news: the team will be without the services of mike fisher who is out with acute being on another team.

Personally I would love to see Butler pick up another point, preferably a goal.

See my therapist has been telling me to set my sights higher than expecting just one win per month.

Oh right, supposed to be excited about months of tanking!

Into the great wide Ugh


In news around the league, Toronto just traded a guy they traded for five months ago, and probably one of the best all-around players on their team, for a first round pick. So, in the last two weeks they traded their leading defenceman in time played for $4M in wasted salary and a good prospect, and Kris Versteeg, who is younger, cheaper and more versatile than Mike Fisher, for a first round pick later than the one Ottawa picked up, with no salary coming back, by trading Mike Fisher. Then they traded a nothing pick for a fighter. That is just the weirdest fucking franchise in the league. I cannot understand if they’re rebuilding or what. Supposedly all of their actions are designed to clear space for July 1st, but when Brad Richards re-signs in Dallas it’s gonna be slim pickings.

As for the Islanders, I think what’s been getting lost in all of the weirdness of their hiring of escaped criminals is that they’ve scored 16 goals in their last 2 games. That’s crazy. They’ve been (gulp) sort of good. Bodes well for continued tanking, but part of me wants to hold Spezza out of this one because, as our highest paid player, he’s a prime target for a deranged AHL cast-off playing his first game in the big league and who’s desperate to make a name for himself.

In other news, Kuba is still terrible.


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