Lame Day Preview: Ottawa Home Games v. Florida City Yardsales

Hailing from the city of Florida, the Panthers arrive in town to face off against the Ottawa Senators in the always spiritual Battle of the Deadline
For me I think the wild card is former Florida goaltender Craigory Anderson facing off against his former team. Always gives a goaltender a little chip on their
shoulder thinking back to all those humiliating strip shootout sessions. Or maybe it wont? I don’t know I’m all used to this team not living up to any pregame
billing like “OooooOOooo Kovalev faces off against the Habs!, Result: 0Gs, 0As, – 2” or “ooOOoooOOOo Gonchar playing the Penguins, Result: 0Gs, 0As, -3 (stats courtesy
of me making them up but you feel me, right?.com ) but yeah, I’m still getting used to that whole game going to a shootout and the Sens winning the thing so it would seem the more we know the less
we know with this here caper. Maybe Cheechoo finally bags his…whats that?..oh in the AHL now…well speaking of AHL, Jim “Conan” O’Brien fills in for Peter “Regin” Jensen…Ive heard conflicting things about Campoli playing THAT’S THE CCFR DIFFERENCE!
Is anyone else as excited as I am about the Michalek (who’s name I just had to look up the spelling of…why was I given a password to this blog?) – Spezza – Butler combo?
I must say there’s some excitement in that for the remainder of the season these guys could be a first line that hopefully wont be broken up …well, that is unless they don’t score 2 goals by the first intermission, like Clousty, baby, the team’s in 15th place…give them a minute to gel, I mean you give your hair a minute to gel and that is obviously working so, you know, try to apply that gel to other facets of the game.
Lame day predictions: Clouston rocks a FEIRCE Pumpkin spice shirt Autumn Mist tie combo, gels hair. Kovalev nets one as his point production reconstructive surgery will only hold until Monday.

Conrad buying Bobby Butler jersey watch: I would LOVE to see the kid pot another one tonight!


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