It’s trade deadline day. You know what that means: near-ubiquitous coverage by absolutely every blog and channel for eight straight hours, partnered with breathlessly banal analysis as TSN’s Team Deadline Overkill grasps desperately at something relevant to talk about.

The CCFR is going out on a limb and guessing that there isn’t much we can offer during what has increasingly become a hype machine that almost always underwhelms and nearly never is of consequence come June. Which makes it even more perfect that Phillips re-signed last night, making today even less exciting for Ottawa fans. Really glad we got that player who doesn’t want to play for a competitor under contract. We can guarantee him we won’t be that.

Will Chris Neil stay or go? Can we get a third round pick for him? Is there a single team out there stupid enough to trade for Filip Kuba? Would it be dickish to flip Anderson? These are questions that can almost certainly wait until tomorrow.

So have fun out there, stay safe, keep yourself hydrated. And enjoy reading 500 words about why someone trading a 7th round pick for Jody Shelley will almost certainly change the landscape of professional hockey.


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