Boston Strengthened By Division Rivals Vs. Ottawa Contract Extensions

Some funny talk around the camp fire about how the Sens are effing up their Lottamax pick because they are doing so great now…ONE win in January and what? four wins in February don’t worry bro/sis, Im pretty sure five wins in two months goes a long way come daft day.
God(.com), I thought as fans our job was to be patient during the rebuild…i mean I don’t definitely want to go off on a rant here but pump your breaks cousin(s) in a little under a month Murray deals Fisher, Kelly, Ruutu, Kovalev, Elliot and Campoli and everyones all “WHERES THE KUBA TRADE!?, WHERES THE GONCHAR TRADE!?” Easy, eaaaaasy. Look at Kuba, guy has been a shadow of of a shadow of an icingless toaster strudel since coming back from a broken leg and has less than 10 points going into March. Gonchar, coming off injury today and back into the grind chipping away at a career worst season..oh at a significant raise from last year…yeah maybe I can see why these guys werent moved –  for term alone I could see GMs passing. That or offering something that would piss you off like you were pissed off seeing Kovy moved for…but then double that. Speaking of Kovalev, its unlikely he would have moved if he were not a rental and was having a much better season than barf of the other two guys. Maybe it happens next season…maybe it doesn’t happen. Maybe Francis Lessard scores 4 goals tonight. . . I’m just a human man. . . made of flesh and stuffed with shredded Chinese newspapers. M’kay

So the Boston Things come to town for what feels like the 60th time this season. But THIS time…uhh… I don’t know, Local Millionaire Chris Phillips will be … enjoying a new contract?
Also, Chris Kelly will be in attendence for the newly minted Monthly Chris Kelly Bowl! Will Kelly defeat his former team or will blah blah blah !? !!! ??!? Tune in literally every month to find out!
At least we wont have to watch Kovalev not underperform against his former clubs anymore. That guy was …frustrating. #amIrightfriends?youguysknowwhatimtalkingabout!
We have the potential to see an interesting game as thanks to some first period Wiccan Warcraft ( by Craig Anderson last game, the Sens were able to regroup and put together a decisive victory against the East leading Flyers. If the boys can play like that again, it could potentially piss a lot of people off in comment sections. Now that I’ve alienated a lot of people, ENJOY THE GAME! …or like…don’t…I’m confused as to whether we’re supposed to enjoy games now. Either way … people are RICH, right?


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