Shame Day Preview: The Ottawa Media Overdoing with whole Goalie Graveyard thing vs. (North) Carolina Torontoplayoffhopes

Can we all agree that these Calvin things are the tackiest? Did you know that they cost money? If you are an adult with one of these things on your car: Please log off your supervised computer workstation and remove and resume being a grown up. Thanks, CCFR: Life Coaching Division

 So this is a weird one. Also, welcome to this website.

Does anyone else feel me that 7pm starts are too damn early (big problems on my mind!) considering our stadium is in Glendale, AZ and
my shift at the Snuggie factory ends at not long before 7pm?
Anyway, there is a hockey game tonight between the still Eastern basement dwelling Ottawa Senators and the hopefully finishing ahead of the maple loafs Carolina Hurricanes.
Usually, I spend most of these posts talking about the Senators because, frankly, I care about that team way more than whatever other team is playing them. This is no exception buuuut I do understand that the East has some pretty hefty outcomes between oh lets say, 7th and 10th place going on tonight.


Talking Point:
If you are a Sens fan that likes both the Ottawa and Toronto you are a guy I met at a Christmas party a few months ago and are also still the only person
I’ve EVER heard say that. If you’re any other Sens fan, this has got to be a challenging game for you EMOTIONALLY (sorry about misusing you there, emotions).
Should the Sens WIN tonight they will greatly improve the hated leafs position in the standings. Moreover if, Jah forbid, the leafs win as well, they will become tied for 9th place with Carolina while the Buffalo Sabres continue to pretend that they will not miss the playoffs by one point.

“You’ve left me in a quandary Liz Lemon……..a quandary” – You, doing your best Tracy Jordan.

 Have the 2010-2011 garbage dump edition Senators left you struggling with the questions such as:
 “Do I really wish to see the Sens lose in order to help their bitter rival lose MORE?”

“Have I started to care more about the leafs losing than the Senators #winning?”

“Is this what its been like to be a leafs fan since the end of the lockout/most of the last half century and AS SUCH am I getting that same feeling I did when I first saw the mask come off of Darth Vadar and it was revealed that despite his annoying fans who boo Alfie for the dumb-babiest reason ever that he was just a feeble old man under that scary mask the whole time or to a lesser extent like the time I saw that episode of Heman where he caught #Skeletor by the hand just as he was falling into a bottomless pit and Heman was faced with the conundrum of having to decide whether to save his sworn enemey’s skeleton life OR rid the cartoon world of that weird skeleton-based…uhh..,sorcerer FOREVER?”

These are all clearly very important questions.

 “We shalt see-eth, shant we?”  – Two Time Source Award Nominee, Billy Bort Shakespeare

More game stuff:
Recent hot hand haver and hard last name to remember how to speller Curtis McElhinney gets the start because of Pascal LeClaire bad injury karma still in the building. Also drawing into the lineup is that offensive-defensemen prospect that we all forgot about in a post-Runblad world, Peter Wiercioch (AGAIN with the last names!) makes his NHL debut.
I am looking forward to getting a look at the kid’s game (which has apparently picked up considerably the past while in Binghamsandwiches) I hope he gets some PP time (#no Calvin) and an Ipad for Xmas.
Interestingish Thing:
Carolina has defeated Ottawa in their last two matchups by a margin of 11-1 #BrianElliot. The interesting thing is that this time they will be facing a drastically different Ottawa team in its makeup. Will this serve as a boon or a thing that’s the opposite of a boon for the Senators? And WHAT IS the nature of a boon for the Sens at this point in the season? Its been a rollercoaster of emotions up in here. What are your thoughts? Feel free to SOUND THE EFF OFF feign mild interest in the comment section.

Happy professional sporting match watching!


OH and Gathering of the CCCP (Cory Clouston Clown Posse) in full effect at McLarens (located at the corner of Elgin and some other street) tonight. Stop by for a chat about the Sens and a very long pause regarding who’s picking up the next round. Wow, just put us into some brave new world type shit there.    



2 thoughts on “Shame Day Preview: The Ottawa Media Overdoing with whole Goalie Graveyard thing vs. (North) Carolina Torontoplayoffhopes

  1. The best thing this webblog has come up with since its inception all those weeks ago is clearly the name ‘CCCP’. I suggest you extend motions to the Real Sens Army to work as some sorta paramilitary faction of the larger political wing. By this I mean hitting overbearing Habs and Leafs fans on Elgin with miniature facsimiles of the Peace Tower (IRONY).

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