In which I continue my streak of needlessly linking to things.

The Ottawa Senators stink. Not as badly as some teams; not so badly as teams higher up in the standings, with lesser lineups but better luck; not even so badly as in their own worst seasons, which were, it need not be said, legendarily bad. But as undeniable as these truths are, there is also the undeniable truth of their current stinkiness. You don’t get the third overall pick in the NHL draft by being any good at almost any of the elements required to successfully win at hockey.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are, unfortunately for them, a legendarily bad basketball team right now. So much so that their fans, like an Ottawa fan base who has enjoyed the playoffs almost every year for the last dozen or more years, are faced with this new and alien feeling of finding some semblance of interest in the minutia of team building, the minor improvements of a depth player’s two-way game, NCAA player reports, and 3rd jersey designs.

Anyway, Colin McGowan is a guy I only sort of know, writing with him over at Cokemachineglow, and he’s written this really pretty awesome meditation on the nature of desire – desire so niggling and insistent – in the face of utter and soul-crushing mediocrity. Check it out.


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