Where we attempt to talk about next season’s defense and then something happens…and then we continue to talk about next seasons’s defense

Most of the game's score prediction brought to you by Steven


I’m gonna live up to Smooth Jimmy’s expectations and try to stay positive today. How about David Rundblad winning the Salming tropy in the SEL for best defenseman at only 20 years old? He’s set to make it next year, even if he gets off to a slow start and doesn’t adjust well to the North American game for a few weeks. With Murray’s re-signing of Phillips (stay….positive…) that gives Ottawa the following (likely) backend.
Shoo-ins: Phillips, Gonchar, Karlsson, Rundblad, Kuba
Inside track, still might not make it: Cowen, Wiercioch
One way contracts / what the hell do we do with these guys: Lee, Carkner
Possible others: Gryba, Hale (pending UFA)
How do you see the d-corps shaping up? Can we trade Kuba at the draft? Are Lee and Carkner worth anything at all? (Answer: no.) Do you see Phillips, Gonchar and Kuba all having bounceback years at the same time? Will there ever be a time when this team doesn’t have a log jam on the blue line?
There will def be an adjustment period for Swedish Dave (he needs a knickname, James is good at that stuff, get on it!) Weird that when I got this mail I was listening to Dungen…

Anywho, here’s my idea on how this goes and even possible pairings
Karlsson – Gonchar
Phillips – Rundblad (he’ll need Phillips for backup)
Kuba – Carkner (ugh, Carkner will start fights while Kuba looks for a light switch to flick on and off to get him to stop)
Lee – Wiercoch (I look for this pair to average a shift a game)

Okay so maybe I put those pairings together just to make those admittedly bad jokes. I don’t see Cowan making this club out of camp, big jump from the WHL to the big time. Murray’s boys don’t usually skip Bingo. What I’d really like to happen is to convert Carkner to a 4th line forward since he fights anyways and I’ve gone on record believing a top 6 defenseman shouldn’t be a fighter. Lee probably ends up bouncing between pairings and the press box.

Hale’s not coming back and if Gryba isn’t getting his shot now, when are we to expect it?


Hey, sorry Im late just sending your friend a Get Well Soon card after reading his incredibly well written / well eyes welling up with sports tears article on the Cleveland Cavaliers linked in the last post. Chin up little homie.
WHOOPS! im getting a page on my new two way pager! Let me call the number to check my mailbox to check the message *elevator music*

(verbosity all but guaranteed to follow!) WELL HON HON HON TO THAT!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway ignoring that incredibly interesting breaking news…I see the D comme ca:

Gonchar – Karlsson: You heard that right, I think Karlsson is at first line status ALREADY…despite his nightmare +/- it’s really not that much different than most of the other worst +/- in the league Sens defenders this season. Plus, I like to blame a solid -15 to Brian Elliot’s glove hand/ inability to move laterally at the NHL level.
Phillips – Cowan: yep, that’s right baby fella, I see Cowan on the squad to start the year at least. Im not married to this prediction but I also don’t know anything about anything so theres that. 🙂
Kuba – Rundblad: This is the getting used to the NHL game pairing. I think playing with Rundblad The Impaler will teach Kuba a lot about playing a skilled yet physical game in the big leagues before Kuba is sent down to the Elmira Jackals to get his game together.
Lee –  Carkner / Mysterio: I think Lee has actually earned himself a spot with his solid, redefined game down the stretch this season. He’ll still have to fight for a spot but I think he’ll do well now that he has established a new identity as a player.
Like all people from Ottawa – maybe not Peter-  I loves me some Matt Carkner but I will concede however that bro-bro is teetering on a line b/t NHL and AHL standing (as is the nature of having been a 27 year old rookie I suppose) but yeah with Carks coming off knee surgery I think depending on how he responds in the summer (though from what I hear he’s a hard off season worker) BUT …I think that Lee has created a good possibility for a spot for himself on the D corps. . .but one muck up and there may be an opening if you aks me.
Kuba buyout would be kind of awesome. “You cant always get what you want / but if you try sometimes / you fuckin get what ya beibs” – Freddy Nietzsche

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