Hi Storks Fans!

Can we talk about pre-season? Great! Let’s talk about preseason for a minute here.
So I was watching something on TSN (Baaaaaasic Caaaaable Speeeeendin’ G’s – Jay-Z feat. UGK) that was reviewing injuries to players on another team. Now, let it be said, I wish no harm to any of our brave men and other men in various NHL uniforms but I have to say I was
No, seriously, lets review, the Sens have played what? 20 preseason games in the last 14 days. All against Toronto.

Sidebar: could Ottawa and Torontoplay a little less, please?  Too much of a good thing, guys, little much.

Lots of preseason games and not many nights and lets look at the list of players who are currently injured or have missedsome time due to “tweaks” or “bobos” or “maintenance” or “chrysanthemums” or “Dumdum Fever”  

Peter Regin – Oh just the shoulder he had surgery on which was hurt on what could only be described as a very routine play along the boards. Science Corner: NHL centre need very strong shoulders!

Craig Anderson – Fu-cking, GULP.

Alex Auld – Ladies and Gentlemeeeeen your starting AAAAAAAAND backup goooaltenderrrrr, Roooooobiiiiiiin Leeeeehneeeeeeerrrrrr

Christoph Phillips – Will this rear guard become the first NHL player since Gordie Howe to play 82 NHL games at 82 years of age?

Jessie Winchester – Not a great condition to start the season in for a guy who is facing some pretty serious job competition.

Matt Carkner – Not a great condition to start the season in for a guy who is the defense version of Jessie Winchester

MilanMichalek – Good to see him come back quickly but …god did the injury HAVE to be to his robot knee? Stay tuned.

Zenon Konopka – Heyyy BOTH the Sens 4th line centres have missed time already. Did this guy even play once yet? Supposedly back stuff.

Stephane DaCosta – with Regin, DaCosta,Winchester, and Konopka all feeling a little tender a call up from the Nepean Raiders is only a phone call away.  

 Honorable Mention:
Daniel Alfredsson – Im just nervous about this whole situation

Jason Spezza – Missed some practices which is a red flag for a guy whos missed 20 games the last two sesasons

I probably missed some people too *hardest collar tug* .

 Okay, before none of you call me out in the comment section, I realize that the vast majority of players listed are NHL veterinarians that the staff are just being overly cautious with to ensure that they are in the lineup opening night against team that has Pavel Datsyuk on it, the Detroit Red Wings. But let me raise this dear reader, what if they ARENT. We have seen in recent years how a season can go if a player goes into it recovering from injury be itLeclaire or Alfredsson or Spezza or Kuba or Michalek or Kovalev or Fisher or Infinity or Infinity and beyond. . .  
I’m just saying. In our HOT AND FRESH prediction post Pete made note of how thin things could get down the middle should there be an injury or two.
Well, you could say that Pete has already won himself a pint of Black Licorice flavored Smirnoff Ice seeing as Regin is already questionable for opening night, Winchester will probably be watching a Land Before Time DVD that night too and well…no ones really talking about Konopka and HEY even post-depth, depth like DaCosta is on the mend.

Oh brother. What happens when the games start mattering and our precious little crystals like Butler, Filatov and Karlsson are being hunted harder than goalies at a clinic with Robin Lehner (HIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOO).

This team is pretty much clearly divided into two camps during this rebuild and they are Vets and Wildly Inexperienced youth. If the vets cant hold up … we’re gunna be paying Ottawa Senator prices for a Binghamton/SEL lineup! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SENATORRRRRRRSSSSS BOOOOODIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIES!!!



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