The Game Done Changed

So you’ve probably noticed a few changes here at formerly-The Cory Clouston Fashion Review. First of all, Cory Clouston has been placed on an ice floe and set adrift, and we needed a new name. After an exhaustive consultation process costing a little under $60,000, we are now Welcome To Your Karlsson Years.

What does the 2011-2012 season hold in store for our millions of readers from all over the world but mostly inexplicably India? We’ll continue posting our indelible brand of hilarious insight, quasi-analysis, Steven’s unbelievable images (check the banner! He drew that shit by hand), tinkering with WordPress templates (sorry for the mess) and the one and only Scotchcast. Stay tuned for that last one, it’s going to be awesome.

So nut up, people: it’s year two of these four dudes and one woman teaching English in Korea writing about a rebuilding hockey club. This will be good.


3 thoughts on “The Game Done Changed

    • The year 2025 when roster turnover has finally convinced us to adopt the name I wanted at the time of this blog’s inception: Sparty Droppings.

  1. “Game ain’t changed….it just got mo’ FIERCE.” – Slim Charles (talking about welcome to your Karlsson years)

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