So, back when Steve made this image and I said “Awesome I’ll put it up when Butler scores his first goal of the year” the blog was still called Cory Clouston Fashion Review

Hey Each and Every Last One of You,

That was some game, right? Lots to muse on. If the Sens were to play every game like that especially the way they did in the first period they’d beat the Calgary Flames on the road Tuesday nights all the time, every time.

Craig Anderson, or as Denis Potvin might call him, Greg Granderson, really kept the Sens in this one early. He matched and eventually bested The Mighty Kipper. I was thinking before the game, sure the Sens haven’t beat the Flames since the The Gilded Age but now we have a former Western goaltender who played these guys pretty regularly and might have a bit of a book on some of their shooters. It’s a shame the wonkiness of the goal that got past him, Andy deserved a shutout. Maybe my favorite game from him this season.

Enrique Karlsson. Did you see that play where Karlsson made a bit of a flub but then backchecked his little buns off to catch up, laid a nice hit AND scored a sweet take away? Our special little guy has a sweetheart and that sweetheart is me. “ALRIGHT BACK OFF….BACK OFF! …He’s going to the dance with ME!” – A.C. Slater

“Diamond” Bobby Butler. Ive been hard on this guy so far this season I mean the guy has to live up to his being on the side of OC Transpo buses fame but damn he looked HUNGRY last night. Somewhere in the second period I really noticed Butsy Segal putting on the jets and I just had a good feeling about his game. A fantastic game from Bottle Service.

Powder Play: They didn’t score on the PP but hot damn when you see Gonchar, Spezza and Karlsson each get a good clean chance to step into a shot you effing better have Mikka Kipprusoff in net. Jah bless those three can shoot.

Western Secrets:
Its always interesting to watch a Western game as you get surprised by some of the players who aren’t huge marquee names. I thought Mark Giordano or in Potvin-speak “Gurgando”  looked very impressive. Ditto Rene Bourque. I mean I obviously don’t see these guys game in and game out but it was funny that a couple guys attached to trade rumors were standing out last night. Calgary you might want to hang onto those dudes. On the other side of that coin….

The Ballad of Oli Pumpkinhead: Wasn’t it just fantastic watching Jokinen getting SONNED in the faceoff circle by Jason Spezza last night? I don’t know, I cant stand that dude for some reason.

More on Spezza: I’m noticing a lot of comments (obviously not on this site as you’d think the comment section was shut down WIIIIIINK) moaning about how he had a couple of giveaways. I gotta say, guys, I agree to a certain extent but giveaways happen. Other really good players cause giveaways Ovie, Malkin, even the high exalted Datsyuk has his moments. I’m just saying, Spezza had a pretty great game, was nails in the circle, shot lots and even had a couple takeaways. It’s like complaining about penalties, I get it I get it but penalties are just gunna happen in this work a day world. Keep shooting for the stars Jason Spezza and I’ll be right there to borrow money!

Fun Fakt: Jabe BonesMister makes over $6,000,000 EVERY YEAR. To put that money in perspective take 75,000 dollars then double that, then double that, then double that… Computer Explode


6 thoughts on “ICH BIN EIN Err Uhh GOOD GAME-AHH

  1. Always love to read this Blog. It has better writers than the Ottawa SUN; although a class of 2nd graders would have the same.
    Bobby Bottle Service looked good to go last night. It was great to see the hunger out of him, as his puck pursuit was amazing! The goals he scored…………….does it even need to be said??
    And how about this Foligno kid?? Going to all of those dirty spots to retrieve the puck; taking hits giving hits. He took a hard slide into the boards last night, and hopped right back up to backcheck. That guy has stepped up his game….LARGE!
    Spezza…….I love him and he will pass Backstrom! You may see a cough up pass once in a while, but thats just Pez dispenser being creative with the puck (nobody complains when it works). As you stated; giveaways happen. Spezza has really matured as a player, improved his game, and is demonstrating why this team will become….no wait….IS HIS. Don’t get me wrong with Papa Alfie still in the picture, Pez doesn’t have to take over yet; but is showing that he’s ready when the time comes.
    Alfie……..Glad to see him back on skates. As usual his control really helps dictate the tempo of the game. Give him space and he’s dangerous!
    I did miss RunBald last night. He is very exciting to watch. Lee however was a solid in the game. He kept it simple which is good; because he really isn’t amazing at anything.

    Sidenote: I do sympathize with the flames. They have a whole ton of salary cap invested into growing mushrooms (cough* bowmester, jokenin, cough*). I would say blow it up, but nobodies tear down of a team goes as well as ours apparently.

    Always a great read

  2. I think a Denis Potvin feature in each game recap would be fantastic. When he isn’t inducing insomnia or making my brain hurt from his oneliners and catch phrases or switching up team names etc… I am ashamed to admit pining for Gord Wilson maybe even Greg Millen or Gary Galley or Helen Keller even.

    “if ifs were skiffs we’d all be sailors!”

    • Although I admit I like it when Potvin says Ottawa scores when they were in fact scored on. As the game gets further out of reach, it just gets more and more surreal.

  3. “Yes, the Butler finally did it.” – B. Garrioch, 19 words into his post-game article. Great tabloid, great story time. 25 cents well spent.
    Thanks for stopping by fellas! Feel free to join us on our EXCLUSIVE twitter @wtyky for more fun making of Potvin! Last night we started what will be an ongoing hastag series (thing you can do?) #shitmypotvinsays. Don’t have/like twitter? I TOTALLY GET THAT. Just join us here for also making fun of all kinds of things!
    Thanks for cheering us on! Go Sens!

  4. Great game from the guys last night. Seemed to be one of those ones that alternated between frantic (maybe sloppy?) end to end rushes and grind it out and don’t make a mistake type games. I appreciated that they seemed to not wait around for opportunities. Seems like in past games they’ve let the pace of place play determine things. To me it looked like they were really focused on generating chances via the fore-check.

    An awesome Potivinsm last night was when he was narrating the replay of Spezza’s mad dash around the red pylons only to ring it off the iron. Quoth the Potvin “Folks he may not seem like he’s going fast but when he get’s those long strides going…” MEANWHILE DUDE IS ACTUALLY STREAKING ACROSS MY TELEVISION SCREEN. Can’t remember when I”ve seen that much grease in his garters (Don’t you dare steal that Denis!)

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