James Day Preview: Ottawa Senators Vs. Texa$ Riverboat Gamblers

waaaaaaaait for it....

Coming off the Win-In-Peg…………..RIGHT…………GUYS? the Sens look to stay in the middle of the Eastern Conference pack tonight against Texa$. Before I get this blogparty starrrrrrrrteeeeed, I just want to say:

 Sens, if you’re reading this, which I know you are, because youre always mentioning that on the twitters, and at our personal hangouts, that I am really proud of you boys in red, white, some sparkly gold, black, and occasionally off white as well, that it is now December and you’re sitting in… well…tightly clinging to 8th seed in the East. 8th. Ahead of the likes of the Tampa Bay Thundersticks and the Washington Das Kapitals. Look, this is NHL hockey its a wild circus sometimes, the Boston Brewing Company was in like worst place a month ago…then decided to basically not lose anymore and punched everyone in their area, meaning, a lot’s going to change over time but I still wanted to offer my thanks for your very respectable/ fun to watch hockey up till this point. This is a team with a lot of rookies, a new coaching staff, a new system, some old dudes, a lot of weakness down the middle and it’s for these reasons that you guys were picked by pretty much everyone except Adnan at SilverSevenSens to finish dead last in the East. But you’ve got too much fight in you, don’t you guys? Don’t listen to the pouters, the doubters and the snouters. I’m probably not alone in thinking after those 2 early blowouts that it felt like a taste of things to come all, “Wow, 2011-2012 is going to be ‘February of last season’ bad.” Nope, been pretty good. Regardless of what happens, it has been DAMN fun to watch this team (more fun than last year already) and I hope they can keep it going.

Tonight’s matchup:
So our beloved Senators are in Texa$ to take on the Christmas Stars in a battle of the bubblicious teams. You guys, does anyone know anything about Dallas that they’d like to contribute before I start this thing?

Battle of Booms from the Point:
Former/Future AHLer Sheldon Souray has turned heads this season in this reclamation season with the Starrz …oh …oh wait, sorry, sorry, I thought this was 10 games ago. It’s not 10 games ago? Oops,  Souray has ZERO points in 10 games after coming out of the gate something fierce. Now, usually I’d just make fun of the former all star and be done with it but I bring up his cold streak because I find that the Sens have a way of helping players/ teams break out of their stupid slumps. You know what I mean, friends? Like, Eric Staal will score against Ottawa and out comes the “Eric Staal, with his first point in 19 gaaaames…his last goal came against Ottawa.” You notice that? Anyone see 24/7 last year? Aaaaaanyone see Bridges of Madison County? I don’t know, watch out for this guy. He’s got a streak he’s looking to break. Erik Karlsson, hopefully intact after last game, looks for his 400th assist this season. Our special little guy is RIPPING it. Can Rundblad get in on a little bit of the Swedish magic?

Battle of the Under the Radar and SUB under the radar forwards:
Apparently, no one knows who Julia-Loui Eriksson is. I do because I used to play fantasy hockey back in the old days when I thought I cared about something like that. Anyway, with 22 points in 24 games, yeah, Loui is putting up Nugent-Hopkins type numbers – yup that is already a thing. Definitely a guy you might want to hip check in the face if possible. Dogman I’m lookin at you. Now moving one step BELOW under the radar, who the hell is Jamie Benn? Maybe I don’t follow the West even more than I though but I have no idea who the guy who has TWENTY THREEEEE points in 24 games. I’m telling you guys, this West? She moves, in mysterious ways. I also hope Mike Ribeiro has a terrible game because he seems thoroughly unlikable.
The Sens counter with Milan Michalek who I think counts as an under the radar guy outside of Ottawa. Guy is nails and no one gives a crunch but you know what? You know what Milano? You just go in there…score your goals and keep looking like a husky. As for our Sub-under the radar guy? Wait till these pricks get a load of Zack Smith. You know NO ONE knows who that guy is in the West. Even his name is inconspicuous. Maybe he’ll even get more power play time? You laugh now but it seemed to work a little bit there, last game.

Dans Le Filet:
Kari Lehtonen is currently on the injured reserve with a case of BEING THE NEW PASCAL LECLAIREITUS. Seriously folks, this guy goes down more than <insert latest answer to Paris Hilton joke fodder> *Takes bow, accepts award for terrible comedy/blogging* So anyway, let me just go on Askjeeves.com and find out who the backup for Dallas is….loading….loading…..ANDREW RAYCROFT!!! HES STILL IN THE NHL? Wait, maybe this isn’t so great as if anyone is looking to snap a cold streak I am almost CERTAIN it’s Raycroft. Move over Souray.
Dharma and Craig Anderson *shrugs, polishes terrible comedy award* looks to make his billionth start for Ottawa and as such can move into a tie for third overall in wins for goaltenders! Cool eh? Still not over that Lehtonen joke? I know. Just….the worst.



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