Roundtable of Death: Can I Borrow A Feeling Edition

Photo of the Sens taken in the third period


Hey, its December somethingth today and you know what that means? Hockey season is still happening! Well, gentlethuggz, it has been just a whirl of wind the past couple of weeks hasn’t it? Just…whirling with wind. I hate to start a Roundtable of Death in the midst of some struggles in Sensville but perhaps it’s for the best to have some Real Talk right now during this rebuildy season. So what are we liking, what are we not so much liking, what art we loving what art we loathing? Let us live and laugh and love together. . . uuugh I am unbearably weird.

-Even though this has been a week that has REALLY challenged my easy, breezy, beautiful outlook of “HEYYYYY it’s a rebuild, win or lose it’s all good” the games have still been really exciting to watch. Even in some seriously heartbreaking circumstances. Funny when a team can score (especially late) how much more bearable a loss can be.

-Stumbled a bit the last couple of games but couldn’t help but notice Karlsson’s solid defensive play of late. Unfortunate that Ovie scored that admittedly badass winning goal on Our Special Little Guy as Karlsson was kind of making him his step-nephew all game up to then.

-Erik Condra quietly contributing.

Not so much liking:
-Really getting hemmed in all up in the defensive zone. All up in. In must situations, most notably on the power play. I’ve noticed that the once mighty PP can be completely derailed by being extremely tenacious with the defenders when they are either behind Ottawa’s net or are looking to begin a rush in the defensive zone. Maybe it’s the youth being exposed here or maybe the book is out on the Sens PP strategy. Just check as tight as you can on the breakout and watch them freeze up.

-Not liking how I got hypnotized and suddenly expected Zack Smith to put up a point a game and unfairly feel disappointed all of a sudden if the dude isn’t a game changer. Relax, me. Cant say he didn’t make it hard NOT to expect the world from him.

– Alex Auld showing why he’s played for like …11 frigging teams last night. Looking forward to Uncle Robin’s Goalie Hunt to start next season. But oy, last night, man, Auld in the shootout. Memories of the last two years. Cant go side to side at all. I mean in all it’s a bad game for Alex (AND COMPANY) but… when it reminds me of the last two season’s? it’s really bad. Bounce back bro, Andy cant start every damn game.

-Nick Foligno. He’s our generation’s Zack Smith. No, really, I’ve always been a fan of this guy but I cant deny he’s been incredibly frustrating over the years. Guy couldn’t work any frigging harder game in and game out but … he dooooesnt always get let’s say…return on his investment. People who follow the team closely have seen the flashes of what Lil Nicky (great movie, GREATER nickname) can do. He’s scored some of the craziest goals I’ve ever seen (I think most of them in the preseason though). Nice too see him playing some of the best hockey of his career lately and props for not diarrheaing the bed at centre position. Also, new development…guy has tankish hitting qualities! Keep it up!

-In brief: Michalek keeping it up, Alfie finding his inner slapshot, Cardiac kids style comeback lone bright spot in garbage dump of a game in Jersey last night.

– Heard we’re getting a new scoreboard at the end of the month. EFF YES! FINALLY no more watching the game on the ice!

– Gonchar injury. I really hope Tintin isn’t out long after going into the boards seriously hard last night. Not only would it be a blow to the power play but to the team in general. Case in point, Filip Kuba. No denying the team game has suffered considerably since the veteran backend’sman (new slang) went down with … I don’t know…whatever he’s frigging hurt with this time. I like me some Jared Cowen and all but you can see giving him like 46 minutes a game, Mmmm might be pushing it a bit for a guy who’s only been in the NHL a couple months. Help us Dave Hale. Help us. Wherever you are.

– Can we not get a little bit of a competition going twixt Bobby Butler and Filatov? I know they play different wings and until recently MacLean has had a lineup that was doin big thang$ but has Butler really been a part of that aide from that one game against Calgary this year? Would love to see some healthy/unhealthy competition between these two.
-Zenon Konopka last night. Getting kicked out of important faceoffs, getting unnecessary penalties at literally the worst times to go down a man…ive been easy on Zenon till now but I had my “what is this guys purpose on this team?” Moment last night.

Varada’s Korner

(Awesome) Weirdness
 Let’s Move Foligno to Center and See What Happens: he scores more than point per game. I can honestly say that I did not think this was a possibility. He’s becoming that Fisher type secondary scorer the team wanted him to be, and somehow managed to solve the 2nd line center issue at the same time. I don’t know if it’ll last, but it’s working until Regin comes back I guess.
How’s About Michalek Leading the League in Scoring? Nice to see Puck Daddy run an article about how Ottawa won the Heatley trade, even if everyone in the comments took the opportunity to collectively shit all over that assertion.
Jared Cowen Going from 10 Minutes a Night to 30 Minutes a Night. Give Karlsson a lil’ rest, why dontcha.
Alfie going two goals for two games always feels good.
(Weird) Weirdness
Anderson Makes All the Right Saves Except for Like the Last Five. Some heartbreaking losses in there, y’know? Dallas. Washington. New Jersey. It’s nice to see the boys storm back now and again, but they went from the team that always gives it their all in the third period to the team that somehow reliably blows leads. Being up by two with ten minutes left should not a nervous person make.
The Powerplay. Like, 47 chances against New Jersey. Two Too Many Men penalties, double minor, five-on-three. Sheesh, you gotta convert on more than one of those. Forget converting though, they couldn’t even get a breakout pass going. There was one point where I just knew they would do one of two things: 1) Karlsson would attempt a stretch pass from his own blueline even though his team has superieur numerique and he should probably just dump it in and get set up, or 2) Jason Spezza would try and stickhandle his way through the trap, which works once every few weeks and looks amazing when it does, but c’mon.
The Penalty Kill. Two shorties against, what can I say. Jersey’s PK is awesome, but that just won’t spread the mustard on the Stanley Cup, y’know?
(Misc) Weirdness
 Toronto fans voting James Reimer into the All Star game. I can’t wait for this guy to fucking implode. Enough with the messiah talk, he’s been mediocre this year, and he’s still green. The spotlight will kill him long before he has a chance to round out his game. So I guess he better enjoy the handjob Big Smoke is giving him now before he’s gone for good. Careful Reims: let in one Toskala Softie Special too many and they’ll rip you apart with equal fervor.
Conference re-alignment: Not really digging it that much. I mean, I know it had to happen, and I know Ottawa lucks out being in the East and having a great chance of making the playoffs, and we’re not in the hardest conference or anything. But having to play only conference rivals through the first two rounds of the playoffs? Blecch. Five or six years into this we’re going to be pretty sick of seeing the Bruins in the first round. I’m already sick of seeing Pittsburg in the first round and it’s only happened a couple of times.
Florida is actually really good. Look at that lineup. How is it possible?

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