Hey, internet, what are we searching for?

A delightful and whimsical journey to the center of how you end up inside our underwater internet kingdom called WTYKY (it certainly aint twitter, c’mon guys be our friend or whatever @wtyky)

First off if you’re EVER in need of a sober, dry environment to hang out, Welcome to your Karlsson years is probably up there in your top 1 places on the internet to go. We would NEVER post in a drunken rage or a drunken opposite of rage. We have many signs with our numerous Anti-Drinking slogans. Moving on…

NOW, here’s the important stuff. This is a case of “Hey internet, what are we searching for?”  where a person gets it RIGHT.

Picture this, you’re going about your job at the Arm Wrestling Factory, and your bo$$, Rick Ro$$ (spelled that way) comes up to you and says, “Smedley (Im assuming that’s your name) people just dont turn to Arm Wrestling anymore when it comes to entertainment. They like things like X Box Three Hundred and Sixty with KynnexX combo pack now… we need to think of of a way to get Arm Wrestling back on the average families radar screen…im thinking plastic bags? …NO……no…PROMOTIONAL BAGS! Uh oh, now that I’ve start thinking about it I cant decide….well, that’s what I pay you for. Have a decision about this whole Plastic bags vs. Promotional Bags thing on my desk by Monday! Im going to lunch.”
Do you take lunch? Hell no. You go to the internet cafe on your break and do it right.
Step one you go to a .edu site. Find some scholarly materials on the Plastic Bags vs. Promotional Bags debate and find out what the academic temperature is on this thing.
ALWAYS print it off in a PDF format (two sided flip over now, Earth Enemy No.1!)
Go to the government site over this and find out what the latest policy is on the subject just to cover all bases legally speaking.
FINALLY, you put your choice your cart and press SHOP and BOOM here you are on Welcome To Your Karlsson Years (obviously).


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