James Day Preview: Mildly Important Game Edition

Pretend you’re me for a second. Okay, you’re off to a great start. Wow, you are just killing it now…its uncanny…you’re like a regular Daniel Dave Lewis and the News up in here. HEY COME ON NOW I DO NOT WALK LIKE THAT! Okay well, now you’re just hamming it up. Anyway, you’re me and you get an ICQ message from your friend asking “So, what’s your take on game 7?” and all you/I can reply is, “I don’t even know if I have anything to say at this point, all I can do is watch.” 10 minutes later your America Online account (version 3.0, dick) says, “You’ve got mail!” just as you’re about to pop on the VHS of your favourite film, “You’ve Got Mail” in your brand new VHS player. Life has a funny way, huh? You look in your inbox and BOOM Steven drops the above image on your head all, “Here this is for your James Day Preview.” How do I ignore such a glamorous, glamorous piece of visual poetry? I guess I do have stuff to say…
Here we are. You. Me. Stuff. Sort of an important game tonight LETS GOOOOOO…

There’s no hyperbole about it, this is hands down the biggest game of the year for our beloved Ottawa Senators. I am very confident that there are few to zero bandwagon Sens fans this playoffs and you know what? I like that. We were the ones out there getting pissed losing the draft lottery, nerding out at training camp, rolling our eyes at panel after panel’s dismissal of les boys trying to predict when the ‘wheels would fall off”, we sat through the good streaks and the bad streaks, the Karlsson/Spezza point gettingest of times and the concussioniest of times. Its been a memorable journey and now we’re here. This team aint for some other schlub to ignore all season and latch on to in the post season. That’s what Nashville is for. We know that this team has the potential to pull this thing off because we’ve seen their resilience time and again. Peskingly speaking, they’ve been counted out all year, tonight is no exception.

The fulcrum for tonight’s game if you ask me…ASK ME WHAT THE FULCRUM IS…ugh, anyway, the fulcrum for tonight’s game is how Spezza, Alfredsson and Michalek react to their late game benching by Coach MacLean.

We’ve seen that an angry Spezza can be a very dangerous Spezza, like in that game in Winnipeg when he got all Matrix reloaded on that ass. Is the Spezza we’ve seen a bunch of in this series got enough fuel in him to take it up a level? We’ve seen Alfie get in that zoooone when the chips are down for years now so there’s no question there but… I suppose its time to talk about Alfie’s….episode. Okay, a lot gets made of this kind of stuff. Let’s face it, it’s a good story but are we really that surprised when incredibly competitive athletes lose their shit occasionally? It shows competitiveness and desire to win BUT there’s a thin line between being fired up and being off your game. Speaking of which, lest we forget Henrik Lundqvist completely losing his shit AFTER WINNING! Brother’s talkin bout conspiracy. Makes you wonder where his head will be at if the Rags get a few bad calls against them. The Sens top 3 forwards have a chance to make MacLean look like a brilliant tactician here…lets pray they do. Are you finished your prayer? No? … okay, youre good now? Good. Moving on…

Despite the fact that I just talked about the way that Spezz, Alfie and 9MM react to the message MacLean sent them will be the most important element to this game (and I think that the benching ties into what I’m about to talk about) is that they have been far from the deciding factor in this series. If the Sens don’t get a dynamite game out of those three its not like the grinders haven’t been putting in that WORK all series long putting the Sens over the top in their wins. Neil, Foligno and O’Brien have been effective as any star player. A big game from these kind of guys will be just as crucial. Most of all, D men protect Andy and he will deliver! This is the New York Rangers and they are not going to lay down and just let the Sens through. I’m not going to coat it in delicious not chemical at all tasting fructose: A lot has to go right for the Senators tonight if they are going to win.

Lastly, Ottawa Senators, do it for James Day Previews we each and every all of everyone motherfrigging last one of us need more of these. Wow, I am such a jerk.

Okay, well, I have to drum my fingers on my bouncing knees while rocking back and forth for the next few hours.




6 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Mildly Important Game Edition

  1. You guys are the modern day Leonardo Da Vinci’s with your photoshopping and vernacular skills. I haven’t even read the article yet, but I have a good feeling so far

    • Thank you kind sir! Did you ever read that movie The DaVinci Code? Turns out DAVINCI was the killer! Oops spoiler alert.

      • Is that the one where Tom Hanks flashes back and forth from running across the country to walking The Green Mile?

        WILSON!!! always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you’re gonna get”

  2. I have to take a moment to recognize that this might be Alfie’s last game as a Senator.

    But if it is, then tomorrow is his first day as The Senatron.

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