James Day Preview: Ottawa Hosts The Florida City Magical Mister Mistoffeleeses

A behind the scenes look at what the contract negotiation process with Alex Kovalev looks like.

A behind the scenes look at what the contract negotiation process with Alex Kovalev looks like.

Some Notes on Saturday’s Game
So as Paul MacLean stated, despite it appearing on paper as a convincing win, the game on Saturday looked a bit like the dog’s breakfast which is a saying I’ve only ever known as “the dog’s dinner” but what’s important here is that a dog ate a delicious and balanced though not aesthetically pleasing meal.

Those two hit posts early on could very easily have had that 1st intermission looking way, way different for the Sens’ chances. Craig Anderson is thus the big X Factor (copyright) for tonight. He was undoubtedly shaky at first but for the majority of the game he was solid flashing that impressive glove of his and not repeatedly using his blocker to turn his saves into rebound festivals.

Team-wise there was enough rust out there for sure but if having a shaky game is Andy allowing one goal and a 3 point night from Karlsson I’ll buy that for a dollar. I think we all enjoyed the game of Marc Methot in his debut and did whatever the opposite of enjoying is for Guillaume Latendresse’s. This of course could balance out entirely if Methot gets the home crowd jitters and Latendresse clicks a bit more with his new linemates. One game at a time for these newbies (just kidding I will continue to unfairly judge both these two and all players on a game to game basis). I don’t know about you Eddie but I am just as nervous for this game as I was the last one.


On Why We Shouldn’t Boo Kovalev Featuring a Fascinating Side Bar About the Hidden Dangers of Sodium

First thing’s first, tonight will you be wearing your authentic on ice SNES flying squirrel/clown arm Alex Kovalev jersey that you got for free for bringing your old batteries to the recycling plant? Y/N?

SARCASM ALERT: Okay, as we know large groups of human beings are incredibly smart and reasonable.
Hockey games are no exception (See: Jets fans booing Erik Karlsson to a 3 point night Saturday, See also: Jets fans booing Jason Spezza DURING that incredible set up for Kyle Turris last year). As such, expect a fair portion of fans to boo Alex Kovalev when he touches the puck tonight. Before I go on let’s be clear about something: Now that we’ve celebrated your Bat mitzvah, your father and I, who are both very proud of you, are going to make an effort not to interfere in letting you make your own decisions. Emit whatever sound you wish at this sporting event because after all it’s your personal journey. And hey, the booing, I get it. The Kovalev era in Ottawa was a frustrating one in all sort of ways. Sure he made way, way too much money but I don’t pay him so that doesn’t bug me so much about it in the long run. In fact, I’m pretty okay with it because his tenure here was so short. Happy is the shitty contract that can be traded for a conditional 7th round pick not even two full seasons into it. Playing under Clouston…and…could there be a worse combo of player and coach? Kovalev put up pretty respectable numbers in his time in Ottawa. Considering he was in his mid-late 30s occasionally injured and even spent a small portion of his time in the bottom 6 his 76 points in 131 games isn’t horrible. Don’t get it twisted it isn’t great either. Of course those numbers are admittedly deceptive as long cold snaps are disguised by multi-point performances. Anyway, my question here is: Is Kovy boo worthy? Seems a bit of a stretch to me. Further, if you’re really interested in seeing Kovalev flounder I think the best thing to do is just ignore him. As we experienced the now 39 year old Kovalev’s greatest challenge seems to be motivation to play his best on a nightly basis. Booing him might help him wake up and as his time in Ottawa showed; when Kovalev is up for it he can be as dangerous as he wants to be. If you want to potentially help light a fire under him your father and I certainly aren’t going to stand in your way because you’re a grown woman who makes her own choices now but be warned of the immortal words of AK27, “Comes the shootings, comes the goals.”

Working Together to Take Fewer Penalties…for All of Us
Hopefully, les boys will play a more disciplined game tonight and stay out of the box. I thought some of those calls were of the bologna variety and even on that ugly Chris Neil hit I have to say I think that dude turned his back on Neiler at the last second. All the bitching in the world doesn’t take away from the fact that Ottawa spent a lot of that game in the box. The refs made it clear that the 2013-2013 season is going to have be played so fresh and so clean (clean). A lot of teams would have buried the Sens with that much powerplay time. It’s ill advised to put all that pressure on 46 year old (looking) Chris Philips and the rest of the D corps. A parade to the penalty box will only take the life out of the building right quick.

Bonus Giveaway News
A reminder to those attending the game tonight, a free sample draught of Molson Canadian comes with a free sample of diarrhea the next morning.



2 thoughts on “James Day Preview: Ottawa Hosts The Florida City Magical Mister Mistoffeleeses

  1. I’m rocking my Kovalev Ottawa home jersey with no regrets tonight. I’m celebrating the fact that we once owned the arguably the greatest hands in the NHL, and also crying in said jersey that Clouston actually happened. Regrettably it’s not a game worn jersey from his epic bout with Beauchemin in the clash of the titans pre-season game of ’10, but it’s got some flavour.

    People need to realize – Kovalev doesn’t give a rip, and shows up when he decides to. Sure, his time in Ottawa wasn’t what we expected it to be, but are we that surprised? He hasn’t showed up point wise since his departure from Montreal. Granted, (shoutout to hockeyalltheway HF boards for that word) he put up 18G and 31A in 77GP in his first season with Ottawa and had a miraculous 4G 1A game against the Flyers. The reason behind it? His friends hadn’t seen him get a hat trick or do the moonwalk. The guy has the skill, and plays when he wants to. That’s it.

    Regarding Huberdeau, can we not help but get excited? Kovalev played his first game before the kid was even born, and it’s just great seeing a young up and comer paired with a veteren who doesn’t follow anyone’s rules, not even his own. That, and just the fact that he plays with the Panthers is a ridiculous ego boost for AK27. If he decides to show up, he’ll be praised. If he doesn’t, well there’s always Russia, or you know…..”retire in MTL.”

    I’m fired up. Kovalev is great.

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