James Day Preview: Ottawa Conacher$ Vs. Tampa Bay Bi$hop$


Hi everyone!

It’s great to be back at the Apollo Theatre (internet)! Thank you for all your kind messages telling me to take all the time I needed on my vacation and that if I needed to stop making posts on this blog all together that I should feel that I have all your support. Thanks for cheering me on everyone!

While I was in Los Angeles I did a lot of research into how much extra money you need to give your average hockey star to play in Canada over California. Findings: Millions upon millions of dollars.

Additional note: I saw a total of one LA Kings shirt while I was there. This is especially interesting because I think that a solid 47% of the Los Angeles economy is based on souvenir t shirts. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN YOUR STANLEY CUP CHAMPION KINGS!!!

I’m sorry to see that Peter Regin was scratched every single game since I was gone. I mean that’s the only reason I can put together to explain why he still has the same 3 points that he had before I left. No, it’s true he was awesome in that one playoff series though.

WELP, time to talk about Bishop….not looking forward to facing him constantly going forward btw. 
We #Sens (am i doing that right?) fans know better than anyone Big Ben is no whoever Tampa’s previous goalie was and that the boys are in tough against him. Watching him play over this past season knowing he would be dealt at some point made me repeatedly think about one thing: “It’s going to suck when when Ottawa has to face this guy when he plays for another team.” I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I heard the news that Bish had been traded to a team within the Eastern conference (and a team which will be a divisional rival starting next year). I suppose when you look at the return that Bry-Bry got I could see why he took this risk…which brings me to what I actually wanted to talk about…Cory Conacher. So Tampa fans were apparently shocked and subsequently bummed out to hear Conacher was dealt. I can relate. This guy is 2nd in the rookie scoring race. I don’t think I was the only one who was floored when I got news David Rundblad and a pick were moved for Kyle Turris. People still kind of act like that was a terrible trade even though Turris has been a contributor since he came here and Rundblad has 8 career NHL points. Sure Turris’ game has had some dry spots but consider Zack Smith would be the team’s no.1 centre without him this season. Anyway, Bishop will definitely be getting up for this game but so will Cory Conacher. If the last game was any indication of potential of that 89-93-33 line? That goal was an undeniable team effort. Zibby with the lunch pail dish from behind the net, Silfverberg with the patience to freeze up and pass to the waiting Conacher who’s snaked his way into the open space. I think one goal from one losing game is a large enough sample size for efkdja;ervl ngfvxbx/ Anyway, Zibanejad is tearing it up lately becoming quite the set up machine.

Are you there Papa Alfie? Its me, you haven’t put up a point in 6 games…come to think of it neither have you Sergei Gonchar…where do you think YOURE going Kyle “no points in 5 games” Turris?
Whats that Ottawa is mired in a losing streak and three of the team’s top 5 scorers are ice cold? Now I understand the problem of relying on a 40 year old forward and a 39 year old defenseman to be two of your top scorers. Are Alfie and Gonch running out of steam? If so that young guns line is going to have to be the new go to…which is also terrifying considering they barely get 15 mins a game each. As for Turris, chalk that up to him having to play over his head night in and night out this season. Spezza makes it look pretty easy I must say. Lets just hope that when Spezza returns we dont learn that these cold snaps are a hallmark of Turry’s game. Remember KT, times might be tough but cheer up you’re playing Tampa!
Oh, also, there are other guys on the team. Latendresse is due for a burger, ditto Wiercioch. This team has shown they can score and despite Andy’s 2 goals against on less than 20 shots or Lehner’s 2 goals in 12 seconds against Buffalo the goalies are still keeping the scores low enough to give Ottawa a chance in each game. The boys are going to have to capitalize on their opportunities particularly on the power play. On the DL, I’m hoping that the Sens can take advantage of a goalie that they’ve shot on in practice for a minute now. Lastly, keep in mind Bishop is still more or less a rookie netminder at the NHL level. He’s blown a couple of big games for the Sens. Hopefully tonight’s one of them. What? I have to stop wishing the guy well at SOME point. I want to see some playoff games damn it!


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