Possible New Team Names To Use During the Losing Streak

I wish.

I wish.

  • The Frustrated Minors
  • The Frustrated Miners
  • The Sergei Gonchar’s Third Period Penalty Box Naps
  • The SportsClubStats “How Do Probabilities Work?” Confused Faces
  • The Ben Bishop Headbutts
  • The Craig Anderson Buttheads
  • The Brian Elliotts
  • The Antoine Vermette Just Cant Finish Singers
  • The High and Wides
  • The Home Stretch Gang
  • The Cardiac Kids (Not So Fun Edition) 
  • The New New Edition
  • The Shitty Beatles 
  • The Regular Beatles
  • The Erik Karlsson Skating Videos
  • The Remember the First Couple of Weeks of This Seasons
  • The Next Years
  • The OHH AHH Silfvermedals
  • The Penalty Killz
  • The This Is How It Feels To Be Spoiled By Inspired Play During a Rebuild and then a Rash of Long Term Injuries To Several Star Players
  • The David Rundblads
  • The Whats the Opposite of Peskys
  • The Sixth Lowest Payroll in the NHL, Less Than Columbus, Florida, and Winnipegs
  • The First Rounder for Chris Campoli, Who By The Way is Available Right Now for Nothings
  • The Conditional Seventh Round Picks
  • Peter Regin
  • The They Can Still Conceivably Do Its
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5 thoughts on “Possible New Team Names To Use During the Losing Streak

  1. Just jumpin on here:

    – The Cheap Lawn Furniture! “Never holdin’, and always foldin’!”

    God is this losing streak heart breaking. And how bout those officials??

    • I was watching the game with a friend *hold for applause* from Edmonton last night and when that penalty to Regin off the draw went down I said to him, “Ahh, here you’re going to get the full Sens fan experience. Ottawa takes B.S. penalty, the opposition will score on the powerplay and turn the momentum of the game and try as they might, the game will slip out of their hands. Not saying it’s a bias…just a thing that happens to the Senators.” Point of story? Im smart at shitty things.

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