Capital James Day Preview: Washington Capitals at Ottawa Gains

Beat TSN to their own headline!

Beat TSN to their own headline!

Welcome to the world wide highway! Thanks for Ask Jeeves’ing yourself to our little corner of the Angelfire server! If you’ve come here to get a rundown / hype up for tonight’s game I have great news: I havent had all that much sleep this week!

Thanks to their 3 game winning streak Ottawa has a little less pressure on them to put up points for the balance of the season. That said, any remaining points they need to secure a ticket to the post-season (I think it’s 3 more according to my research shitty memory) are not going to come easy down the next stretch. 2 games against the Caps, a Saturday night against the Leafs (ugh), the Shitheels Penguins, and a Philly-Boston back to back. Damn. Really, really should not have blown those stupid games against the Buffalos and Floridas of yesterweek. Oh well.

The Washington Capitals Capture The First Annual WTYKY Award For Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Getting Your Shit Together At the Last Minute So Everyone Forgets How Hilariously Disappointing You Were Most of the Season. 
It’s been bizarro world with the Caps all year. If this game was a month ago the pre-game story line would be “great opportunity for Ottawa to pick up 2 points” and now today all I’ve read is “how will we possibly defeat the class of the East!?”
Are those articles wrong? Definitely not. As much as they sucked early in the season the Capitals are positively on fire right now winning 8 str8 (copyright). Led by Ovechkin, Backstrom, Green and Dirtbag in Chief – Mike Ribiero, the capitals recent output is a little something analysts are calling “Living up to expectations.” Am I being harsh with Washington? Yes but deservedly so. When you ice a line up like they have and play in the SouthEasy it’s a joke to be tied with a team like Ottawa for points this late in the season! When you’re hot you’re hot and one has to respect that but as Yogi The Bear famously said, “That’s why Alfie made horse races.” As Montreal have recently shown the Mighty-ish can fall quickly. If Ottawa’s going to pull this one off its going to come down to one man….

They Call Him “Andy” / He’s Quite A Maaaan / I Tried to Kiss Him / But Andy Politely Yet Firmly Said He Was Flattered and All But Not At All Interested…and Raaaaan
Ahh, Caps-Sens. You are desperate to shoot and we are desperate to save! Going to be an interesting one. A team that’s quickly moving up the table in the East in goals for against the team with the lowest goals against in the conference (2nd lowest in the NHL!). It’s tough on the old ticker to rely on outstanding goaltending game after game but Ottawa’s BEEN getting it all season. Let’s hope tonight is no exception. This new guy Alan Orvenchkims… not exactly easy to contain but hopefully Anderson will get a little help from Marc Methot and recently re-activated Facepuncher Jared Cowen. Being at home MacLean can take advantage of the matchup game. Comes the coachings comes the playings.
Secret Wish: Mike Ribero gets punched in his face at some point tonight.

Of Course There’s That Whole Scoring Goals Thing
I’ve been graciously easy on Mr. Kyle Turris this season. I hope people don’t just come out of this season with the easy, “See, I told yuh he’s not a top line player, LETS GOOO” dreck but rather a bit of an appreciation for how easy Jason Spezza makes that top line centre role look night after night. Despite finding himself at the top 3 in points on the roster all season long, there’s no denying he’s had his share of dry spells…take now for example. You could say that Turris hasnt scored a goal this week. Another way of saying it would be that he hasn’t scored so far in April. And yet another way to say it would be that he hasn’t scored in about a month. I know your competition is very though homie…but time to have one accidentally go in off your cup or something. It’s crazy to think 4 of Turris’ 8 goals came in the first 4 games of the season. Go get em Turry…for fudge’s sake.
Silfverberg has also been very quiet lately. Been happy with his play but it would be nice to see him warm up with the season drawing to a close. His play has been very good and he’s been getting his shots. Shoot one in off Turris’ jock or something…Also its Zibanejad’s birthday…which is nice. Also on a very, very depressing note 1993 was 20 years go…so…

Even though Carolina are a trash bag of a team, I thought Ottawa did a pretty tremendous job containing a group of strong scoring forwards on Tuesday night. It is also worth nothing that the Canes might have been the easiest team to knock off the puck that Ottawa’s played all year. Washington is not going to be that but I think this is going to be a close one…and if things go in the toilet they’ll have another shot at the caps in exactly a week because; Scheduling.

Enjoy the James, you lovers!

oh and In case you missed it… Key to victory:


5 thoughts on “Capital James Day Preview: Washington Capitals at Ottawa Gains

  1. They Call Him “Andy” / He’s Quite A Maaaan / I Tried to Kiss Him / But Andy Politely Yet Firmly Said He Was Flattered and All But Not At All Interested…and Raaaaan

    Loved it! Still readin

  2. You truly are the seers of seers, the prognosticators of prognosticators when it comes to my boy Turris and the goal-making

  3. Don’t you hate it….when you go to the bathroom…………….. (*beat*)………..and there’s no toilet paper!

    Crying/laughing: It’s so true! It’s funny because it’s true!

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