WTYKY Scotchcast Episode One: The Scotchening


Here it is. Long promised, never before delivered. Two hours of James and I talking about the Sens’ early season performance; when to panic; Sens we like and Sens we don’t; and questions from you, the WTYKY readers.

This is our first go at this, so go easy. But any suggestions or comments are welcome, either through the Contact Us link above, or on our Twitter – @wtyky.


9 thoughts on “WTYKY Scotchcast Episode One: The Scotchening

  1. Oh my God you guys are great haha. Varada, can’t wait to see you start using emoticons! And dudes, I totally kept listening at the modular synthesizers, considering that electro is one of my favourite music genres. Oh, by the way, one of my friends used to live in the neighbourhood with Ray Emery’s mansion, and apparently he and Belly (that random rapper, you know) completely trashed it so badly that it’s at $500K and nobody wants to buy it. So I’m hoping that Lehner knows how to take better care of a house than Emery. And I must say, WTYKY must be the most productive result of a Don Brennan article, like, ever. I suppose we have something to thank him for, then?

    …Your answers to the dog-sized bull/bull-sized dog question are the best.

    (Also, “throwing their children on the ice” totally cracked me up, omg.)

    Feedback?: it’s long, yo. I’m jealous and all of your ability de jaser for four hours, but two hours is difficult to listen to in one go. To borrow your phrase, I’m not made of being attached to my computer. But still: can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  2. I love that you guys are doing a podcast but I’m gonna be honest, two hours is a LONG time to listen in one sitting. 30 minutes to 45 minutes to an hour tops would be fantastic. Or just maybe chop it into two one hour segments? I found myself “fast fast forwarding” a lot. But I’ll definitely give it a complete listen sometime.

  3. The people have spoken, and they want the podcast to be longer! Ask and ye shall receive.

    Seriously though, it was our first one and we probably felt like we had to talk about everything. Future ‘casts will probably be more concise. In any case, you should feel lucky – James and I talked for an hour before and an hour after. This could have been a lot longer. I don’t think James and I have kept our conversations under two hours in our lives.

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