James Day Preview The Mighty Dung of Anaheim at the Ottawa Senators

Hi Everybody

Any of you catch that game on Wednesday night? No? Oh, DEEECENT win. *Brushes previous incredibly pessimistic game preview under couch* Hey, I did say that the Senators were going to have to play their best game of the young season to beat the Red Wings and that much was true. Stars played like stars, scoring happened early and often, possession was good, parade to penalty box cancelled, goalies chased, Alfie neutralized, laughter and love shared. Hands down the most satisfying win of a thus far up and down season.
Okay, so everyone shut down their computers we’re all finished her–
*BIZARRO JAMES BURSTS THROUGH COURTROOM WALL KOOL AID MAN STYLE (except quite he’s noticeably injured and in considerable pain)*

Good question, bizarro me!
There’s no discounting the statements made and emotional impact of the win against the Red Wings:
1. Curb stomping of new, scary divisional rival in their own building.
2. Olde Capatain thoroughly outplayed by New Captain.
3. Mika gets on board in first game back with big club.
4. Disciplined play for a change
5. An important bounce back effort…ahhhhh let’s stick with this point! Meet me in the paragraph below for more:

The reason I think this game might be more important is because the Detroit game came on the heels of what I thought was just a godawful performance against the Oilers a few days earlier. I’ve been saying this for a minute, and I don’t think I’m alone on this, that the Senators are a much better team than they’ve been playing as so far. Detroit was a solid case for that but not every game is going to be a six-one route unless…
“Are you there God? it’s me person wasting Your time praying about professional sports…”
Want to make a real statement? Come off your best game by beating the team that you played your worst game against. If Ottawa’s going to continue to make the playoffs they’re going to have to show they can win consistently and at home. I don’t know if you looked but Ottawa plays an NHL record 349 games next month. It’s going to be relentless.

That Last Game Against Anaheim Went Less Than Well.
Road game or not, when you witness your team hang their goaltender out to dry to the tune of 50 shots it can be a bit tough to “Keep Calm and egferahabvoerghbvsuibbhjv On.” It was cool to see Bobby Ryan score in his return and silence doubters during his INFAMOUS 2 game goal drought but I’m sure he would have traded the tally for a W. It was flattering even at a score of 4-1 as Robin Lehner was absolutely sensational in his effort to keep the garbage avalanche from burying him. Tonight will be different with Craig Anderson getting the start after a very solid performance against the Wings. Andy made some big stops and only surrendered one power play goal. I’ve found Andy’s game a little weird so far this season. He’s made some mind blowing acrobatic saves when he’s had to be there but also let in some real stinkers. Last game he only did the former and hopefully he can build on that and return to the world destroyer that we know and love. Lehner will serve in a “Pondering which of Anderson’s body parts to keep as a talisman after the Hour of Purification has passed” role. I can’t find any info on who starts for Anaheim…look I’m just punching my way through life in this work-a-day world. THANKS FOR READING.

Tonight marks the still very much beloved Jacobi Silfvermountain’s return to the CTC. Silf has been quite good in Anaheim and has endeared himself to Ducks fans with his *tries to think of attribute other than his quick release* putting up points right off the hop. This contrasted poorly during Bobby Ryan’s LEGENDARY two game goal drought heard round the world.
Sens fans know well that Bryan Murray gave up a very good player for Bobby Ryan. With Mike Milbury having moved on to a career in yelling at TV personalities and cameras, it’s a world of more or less logical and fair trades. Pretty much like David Rundblad for Kyle Turris, or Nick Foligno for Marc Methot, we knew we were losing a quality player in the trade but I think getting one in return that is better for the team. I think Rundblad is great but even MORE great is how Turris as many points in his last 9 games as Rundblad has in whole career. I have the same expectations for the Silfverberg / Ryan trade. If I had one knock on Jakob’s game it was how slow he got off a wrist shot it was his consistency. I think Silfverberg’s going to do well on a team as good as Anaheim’s but as the season rolls on we’ll see the All American Ryan’s stat line pull away from Jakob’s. What about Stefan Noesen and the 1st round pick?

And the REST!
Big games from Ryan and Spezza overshadowed a few other positive notes to build on:
– Karlsson has been pretty solid and is definitely putting up points like he should registering 5 in his past 3 games. Which is nice. He’s quietly tied for 3rd in team scoring. Just keep rolling and recapture the flowetry we all love you for.
– Shut down D guys Methot, Cowen and Gryba each played well against the wings. Cowen had a goal and Gryba had an absolute snipe because blowout. Please continue being good defensemen!
-If Spezza or Ryan can score tonight…it’s going to start getting pretty hilarious.
– Another good game from call ups Derek Grant and Merle Zibanejad (what he’s technically a call up). Ziba had a great feed on Gryba’s goal and though Grant didn’t get on the score sheet he is much, much better at playing hockey than Matt Kassian. They both have made the team more threatening.
-Point per game defenseman Joe Corvo looked like Joe Corvo in the defensive zone. He plays defense like how people who don’t watch Sens games THINK Erik Karlsson plays defense #WTYKY4Truth. Round it out Joe.
– Teemu Salane is a game time decision as he is 43 years young and played just last night in Montreal. I’m not having a go either. I’m fucking terrified of this super human athlete. He has 21 points in 24 career games against Ottawa. NOTHANKYEH.
– Have you heard of this guy Mathieu Perreault? Yeah me neith, but 9 points in his last 9 games and one of three Ducks to have 9 points in 10. I don’t like him.

If Ottawa can put the shoe on the other foot and take advantage of a team who’ve just dropped two in a row on a road trip, that could do wonders for staving off what could be a blood bath (seriously fucking gross saying btw…bathing in blood…just…anyway) against the always intimidating during the regular season San Jose Sharks on Sunday.
Again, this is the big statement game in my eyes. Even just a very complete game, especially on the defensive side, would show that this is a Senators team getting it’s act together and is ready to start making some noise in the *puts on reading glasses and looks it up in other browser* ATLANTIC DIVISION!



2 thoughts on “James Day Preview The Mighty Dung of Anaheim at the Ottawa Senators

  1. Okayyyyy I agree, Silfv was never the most consistent scorer and Ryan will most likely have greater returns, but I still miss Silfv okay he left while I was still attached ;___; (canIgetahugnow) The D did look a lot better on Wednesday, thank goodness, because they have SO much room to improve, but I am afraid it’ll be sometime before they’re consistently good. So happy with a fourth (third???) line of Grant-Z’bad-Condra! They can rotate in and out for SH ice time and hop on the ice occasionally to keep momentum going for the Sens. If we can play a full-team game again tonight, I will be a happy clam.

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