10 Other Things the Ottawa Senators Should Bring Back

Yesterday word leaked from our friends at the Ottawa Sun that Martin Havlat, off-injured, 30-something sniper, might be offered a PTO with the club. He began his career to much fanfare with the Senators and Havlat still seems to have a few eggs in the “he was my favourite player” basket judging by twitter reaction. It’s unlikely Havlat sticks and unlikely he has much to offer based on his last couple of seasons but it’s a no risk move that has the potential to benefit the team. With that in mind, here are ten things the Sens should consider bringing back, some of the serious variety:

Bodycheck magazine. Revel in the full 90s glory. Hard to pick a favourite cover, but I’m going with Steve Duchesne wearing sunglasses and holding a surf board.

The pizza promo. Who doesn’t want a slice of tasty Pizza Pizza? Should not be used as an excuse to get rid of the last minute burger promo.

Win and you’re in. Think Andrew Hammond, with the 20-1-2 record, has the upper hand here.


Sens Mile. Make it season long. Force Ottawa to have much needed debate about tempting fate and municipal overreaching.

Eric Gryba’s beard. I miss it so much.

Old jerseys. This one, not this one.

Daniel Alfredsson.

Trading away a second round pick at the deadline.

And of course, this guy.

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2 thoughts on “10 Other Things the Ottawa Senators Should Bring Back

  1. RIHANNA YES. And oh gosh, I have heard and seen a lot about that Bodycheck magazine, would love to see it revived. Honestly, any kind of periodical about the Sens would be welcome in my book 😀 “Municial overreaching” is a great term, also.

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