WTYKY Podcast: Episode Five

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Varada and James go deep on the Duchene and Turris trade.

Music by Oxes.

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1 thought on “WTYKY Podcast: Episode Five

  1. My heart still aches for Rundblad’s departure. He is currently absolutely dominating the KHL after lifting Blackhawks to a Cup. The Rundblad-Karlsson pairing would have been an eternal one, for sure.
    That said, I liked a lot a bout Turis. Things I like about Turris are things I severely dislike about DUchene. The lack of personality, the two-way play, the boring interviews. I like Erik, don’t get me wrong. But imagine if Erik were boring off the ice and a little more boring ON the ice, and we won games 1-0, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2. That would be swell.
    Ah well, exciting hockey can be fun, I guess.

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