WTYKY Podcast: Episode 23

In this episode, James and Luke interview Brad Allen of hockeyprospect.com about the 1st round of the upcoming draft. Discussions include:

– Tim Stuetzle vs. Quinton Byfield
– Marco Rossi vs. Jack Quinn
– How good is Alexis Lafreniere really?
– Possible spicy first round picks
– Possible bland and mild first round picks
– Brady Tkachuk
– Yaroslav Askarov
– How big is this draft for Ottawa really?


4 thoughts on “WTYKY Podcast: Episode 23

  1. This was extremely informative. I learned a great deal of new information. I was enjoying it thoroughly, until I had to turn it off because of the language. It really doesn’t add anything to your podcast and actually detracts significantly. Can you please reconsider the content?


    • Dear Sir,

      I have discussed your message with my colleagues, and while we are sorry that your personal enjoyment of the podcast was reduced in this instance, we feel compelled at this time to reaffirm our commitment to our brand of talk. We understand your position, and regret that this may leave you unable to enjoy our free podcast. We sincerely hope you are able to find hockey related content with no swears in the future.

      – WTYKY Management

      • Thank you for considering and discussing my request. As I said, your hockey content is great. I’d be surprised if many of your listeners believe that foul and blasphemous language add anything positive to your podcast. It is obviously your choice but I do regret that I will not be able to listen to your podcast in the future.


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