Let’s Check In On the Ottawa Senators



Brady Tkachuk had three points tonight, though. That seems good!


The Hidden #TRUTH Behind Bobby Ryan’s Contract Negotiations



mOon landing was faked by Stanley Kubrick (name contains letters R.Y.A.N.)
oBama birth certificate
    Bilderberg Group met in Ottawa once
    Y r u covering up the chemtrails?

      Rituals of the Illuminati take place in Bohemian Grove. Ryan used to  play in California
      Y is the Federal Reserve Bank controlling Sens new TV revenue?
moNsanto foods is putting genetically modified no trade clauses in our chicken nuggets

The anatomy of awesome

conacher 1

I’ve been in Winnipeg for a few days (jealous? You’re jealous) but I’ve been watching these proceedings from afar–like God, or a pervert in the bushes outside your house. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Just look at Cory Conacher blasting off, Superman style, into the stratosphere. I like to imagine that in that moment all of us, across the Ottawa Valley, did the same thing–arms raised, big boy pajamas on–and froze in mid-air then faded to grey. I’m still stuck in that position. On my coffee table. Naked.

Here it is from another angle.

conacher 2

20 years from now we’ll all have real-time 3D computer monitors and you’d be ducking right now as Cory Conacher comes flying out of your screen and brushes past your left ear.

Anyways: fuck Therrien for being a laughing stock, and fuck the league for ignoring repeated attempts to injure Ottawa players just because there was no injury to force their hand, but outside of those things this has to be the most feel-good series I’ve watched in years. Not to get too ahead of myself–there’s still one win left, and Montreal almost got one of their own there. They’re deep enough to still make this a series. But all the same, the Sens have embraced their #pesky persona, and it’s one I think I could get used to seeing.


Oh shit, sorry. Here you go:


100,001 views and counting

100,001 Karlssons

We started this blog a couple years ago to answer some important questions: what would happen if we took the dumb email threads we created and put them on the internet? Would anybody read them? What IS the internet, exactly? You bought another Yes box set?

Well, the answers are clear: people will read just about anything; the internet is slowly gaining sentience and will one day kill us all; and Yes is best listened to comprehensively.

I don’t know if 100,001 views is a large number by internet standards. For all I know all of the other Sens blogs are reading this and thinking, “Um, we hit 100,001 in our third week.” I’m sure sites with people who copy edit their material before hitting ‘Publish’ get internet traffic like internet traffic grows on electronic trees made out of money. I DON’T CARE. 100,001 is a big number by 1983 standards, and because 1983 is the year Yes’ “Owner of a Lonely Heart” came out, that’s the standard I adhere to.

So, a big thanks to you guys for coming back, even though sometimes we update every day and sometimes we disappear into the woods to think about what we’re doing with our lives; big thanks to the other Sens blogs who link to us every once in a while, even that one Sens blog with the Final Fantasy picture at the top who sort of thinks we suck, and to Puck Daddy for same; and a big thanks to Our Special Little Guy, Erik Karlsson, for being the sort of hockey player you name a blog with 100,001 views after.