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Sight over Ottawa

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Pains day preview: the Ottawa James’ Out of Office Message vs Minnesota North Chuds

Dear readers I have some bad news.  James did not show up to the WTYKY office this morning.  Apparently he has gone on an emotional walkabout to sort out his feelings concerning the Senators’ performance of late in an attempt to turn his trepidation into #fearless(ness) #pesky(ness) fuel that he can use to light our hearts’ brains every game day. (except on weekends) Please wish James (@wtyky) a speedy enlightening or perhaps submit ideas for the WTYKY power animal to perhaps avoid future crisis’ of vision.

Target Time

Writing is not my thing.  I make pictures (tries to insert joke, sprains ankle), but I will say this.  I generally don’t like these hyptastic revenge matches especially when it’s in the spirit of avenging a teammate’s injury.  “Why’s that Steve(n)?  Is it Steve or Steven?  I don’t know, he doesn’t write much.”  Well because these games tend to trend towards the dumbest penalties in the planetarium category rather than the goalapalooza dinner and buffet happy hour (steals James’ bit: CHECK).  However, given Ottawa’s recent run of play, if revenge on the C.H.U.D. collective of Ottawa’s recent history inspires the Sens to get the bats going, SO BE IT.  Granted one is a past-his-prime $3.8 million per point pylon and the other is potentially career ending piece of human garbage (emotional).  I think that the Sens should let the fans dish out the hate and emotion and in return they can turn this team inside out.

Keys to success TOUGH LOVE EDITION:

1) pretend like you paid attention to the X’s and O’s instead of posting fake Jim O’Brien tweets.

2) play like a team that deserves to win from the puck drop, not after going down two goals in the first, feeling sorry for yourself in the second and finally getting it together in the third to tie it and lose in the shootout.

3) Anderson has to stop the first ten shots

Also James left this on his desk


Enjoy the game everyone.  I miss you James