24.10.2010: In which in lieu of a Sens game post-mortem, we ruminate on Kovalev, which is the same thing

Some other fine Sens blogs (Silver Seven, Another Sens Blog) have already bothered to weigh in on our favorite pouty millionaire, Alex Kovalev. Their analysis has been nuanced, balanced, and very fair, and though we find it hard to believe that anyone can respond with any less than violent upchucking into their office garbage bin at Mr. Eyes-on-the-Prize’s season thus far, we concede that we probably need to say more than Screw That Richie Rich, He’s Rich So Screw ‘im.

And so, in light of the Sens laying yet another egg on Hockey Night in Canada, in combination with Kovalchuk being a healthy scratch in New Jersey last night (and for some reason Markov) we contribute the following to the debate:

Having said that (and really, what more need be said), hearing fucking nanananaheyheyheygoodbye in our own building last night was all the tragedies of the world wound up in a bullet to my heart. I hate you, Habs fans, and your silly soccer chants. But today, I hate my team even more for not only losing to you, but doing so with one of your castoffs in the lineup.

Anyway, I’ll be in the building for the game this Tuesday against Phoenix, so look for some live reportage for the first time in this blog’s history, AKA something about traffic, something about beer prices, and probably something about Kovalev and being shut out again.


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