2010.10.29: In which the Sens go Back…To Being About a .500 Hockey Club

Goaltending? Where we’re going, we don’t need goaltending.

Conrad to James

I watched about half the game on some illegal stream of the Panther’s network, as this was another Sens game migrated out to an exclusive HD resort whose entrance is barred to those of us who don’t want to send Rogers Cable our pinky fingers every month. And this is how I know that Lady Gaga will be playing the Bank Atlantic Center in April 2011.

Sens I would Sign to Lifetime Deals

Well, we got goals from five different Sens last night, and though this is partly attributable to Tomas Vokoun being really terrible in Ottawa’s building for reasons that surpass understanding (I heard some stat from the Panthers’ color guy that he’s like 2-10 against Ottawa) I guess I gotta give credit to Clouston for whatever he said to get these guys rolling. What’s best about the goals isn’t that there have been 10 in two games, but the types of goals that are going in. Dirty, bouncing, lucky goals that come from not giving up on the play and driving the net hard. The Sens Skills Competition-type goals are a thing of the past. They need to keep up this hardnosed stuff.

Ok, ok, ok, I’m going to give Kovalev some credit. We’ve harped on him a lot here. But he’s gone to the net two games in a row, and has been rewarded. (By the way, he’s 5 points away from 1000 after last night. I can’t wait to see the portrait we give him.)

Sens I would trade for Big League Chew

None, really. It was a solid game. Phillips’ terrible giveaway that resulted in the second Panthers goal from Higgins the Horrible wasn’t his first boneheaded play of the season. So I guess he’s in the penalty box this round.

Holy Dina, look at that site traffic

We’re still waiting on a few Sens to get their first goals of the season. Regin, Foligno, and Gonchar are principle among them. (Though Gonchar has more points than either Regin or Foligno at this point.) Is it possible we accidentally signed Sergei Gonchar’s older brother, Berbei Conchshell?

Elliott might be hurt after Campoli fell on his groin awkwardly (uh), so when do we start looking at cheap goalie UFAs? Paging Mr. Ray “Gongshow” Emery to the league minimum salary aisle. Or are we really going to go with a Mike Brodeur / Robin Lehner tandem?

James to Conrad

I will also preface that I didn’t watch the game. (Just following the trend set by people who can afford 100 level seats. Go Sens Army!) Before I start…god I wish this city wasn’t so full of frigging carry-over Leafs and Habs fans. Imagine how successful this franchise would be without them. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the comedy stylings of Bitter Leafs Fan Who is At the Team He Hates’ Game and Puts On A Show Ragging On Team Regardless of Game’s Outcome. I get it guys…you love your dad’s Leafs. I’m pissing myself with intimidation, can I watch this game that has nothing to do with your dad’s beloved Leafs?

*deep cleansing breath* —I will concede that the media hyped up the 85% capacity on a Thursday to one of the shittiest teams of the pre-and post-lockout era that is giving away their stars by the bucketful and is a little overblown but…seriously Sens fans, let’s step it up a little, huh? Also, can we stand and clap when a shorthanded goal is scored there, 100 section? You’re on television.

Sens I would allow to drive faster than 55:

Mike Fisher, Alfie … These top six guys have been huge for us so far this season. Especially with Spezza out. Dare I jinx that Monsieur Kovalev could be creeping into the consistency club? The consistency club is not exclusive. It welcomes ALL kinds. Especially goaltenders and defensemen!

It wasn’t pretty but I loved to see Z Smith put one on the board!

Matt Carkner seems to be winning fights again.

Kelly…this guy is making a run for president of the consistency club. It’s crazy how good buddy is looking out there this season.

Sens who are driving less than 55 (next game will feature funny, non-Hagar related categories, promise…)

Maybe he was told to give their goalie a run early but it was really stupid to see Foligno steamroll Vokoun so flagrantly. Especially considering it was the same ref working who didn’t call Shithead Orr’s goalie interference the night before. Foligno to the box, puck behind Elliot, early Florida (city?) lead. Alfie was talking on the radio before the game about how crucial getting that first goal is to winning. Well, Reverse Montel Jordan “Thiiiiiiiiiiiis Aint Howwwwww Weeee Doooooooo iiiiiiiiiiit”

Apparently Phillips still looked a little tight out there…but I don’t know…team seems to be picking it up overall so way to go boy-os!

Goblin-dee-spook (hallow’s eve edition)

The super cynical side of me is interested to see where Pumpkinhead Kovalev’s point production is at AFTER he hits 1000. Then again, the milestone hasn’t hurt Count Alfula any. Then again, Alfie is pretty much a perfect hockey player.

Keep resting Spezzombie if he needs it. I would hate to see him have this groin thing continue to be a plague on his play all season. I want him fresh as a daisy. He came back from a long rest gangbusters last season. Leclaire? Your groin can go wait in the car.

Uhh…Frankenstein Elliot (whatever screw Halloween theme) didn’t look too healthy at the end of the game. Could we potentially witness a spotting of resident Silver Panther Robin Lehner against the Bruins? I wouldn’t fault Clouston for not taking the risk. When it is in the cards to take a third straight win and even the collective Steven to a 5-5-1 record just do what’s best for the team, Cory. Oh…and keep dressing so goddamn sharp! The Sage dress shirt/ Emerald tie combo on Tuesday was NOT LOST ON ME HOMIE! He is the Kanye West of coaches. In all ways.



4 thoughts on “2010.10.29: In which the Sens go Back…To Being About a .500 Hockey Club

  1. The Emery thing was obviously meant as a joke, but to further cement it as such, from ESPN:

    “As far as anyone can tell, no NHL player has come back from the type of hip surgery the 28-year-old underwent in April. Diagnosed with avascular necrosis — essentially, the top of the ball in his right hip deteriorated to its core — Emery underwent an elaborate operation that featured bone grafted from his lower leg being inserted in the ball of his hip. In the past, his condition would have necessitated a full hip replacement, but this very specialized procedure avoided that. ”


  2. I know that I’m the image guy, but as the only person who watched the entire game, I must gain voice and acknowledge the milestone that is Jarkko Ruutu’s 1000th penalty minute. It’s the weekish of thousands. Congratulations Ruutu on being a shit in every team’s cut.

  3. Beat the teams you should, won at home. Multiple scorers. I like how the boys got it done. Tho watching Florida is like watching old people shop for groceries. Confusing and disheartening.

    Btw, been to the bank Atlantic center. Great place to watch a hockey game. Cept, they cheer when the puck is iced. And there’s always some doucher in a Habs jersey. Sheesh

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