2010.10.30: In which we have trouble distinguishing between our hate for the Leafs and our hate for the Bruins

Steve might be our in-house Photoshop genius, but that doesn’t mean that James doesn’t occasionally get in on the action.

The Leafs have come back down to earth, but let’s not be classless about it. And besides, the Sens are trending up but face Tim Thomas, who has traditionally owned them, and the Bruins, who have a habit of making the offensively-challenged Sens look especially pee-wee by playing Chara 47 minutes a game.

Spezza gets re-inserted into tonight’s lineup, though we lose Michalek for a week. Here’s hoping that Kovalev keeps stirring that pot of black magic and that Spezza wants to impress the scouts in the audience who are there to assess if he’s worth whoever they have on their team who is the equivalent of Milan Michalek. My prediction is 4-1 Bruins, but only because Thomas’ save percentage is threatening to head into negatives and Elliott needs to let in his obligatory two softies. Do we see Lehner tonight? Probably not.

By the way, the Sens Store is having some kind of crazy deal right now where if you buy one jersey you get one of those idiotic black SNES jersies for free. Which, as James pointed out, is pretty damn rare, and others pointed out may indicate a new third jersey is on the way.


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