2011.01.14: In which our attempts to crush Smooth Jimmy’s enthusiasm are wasted

Some thoughts on last night’s game.

Im just going to put it out there now, that for the rest of the season I am still going to be the guy who is happy when the Senators win. My two least favorite contracts are coming off the books in April and those two players will subsequently be coming off the Active NHL players Wikipedia list. Try to guess who they are (Hint: its Alex Kovalev and Pascal LeClaire!).
Some core people get moved/rented out for more picks? Fine; awesome. We end up with a good pick due to a poor finish (trending!) so be it. Call me Dr. Migilicuddy’s olde fashioned unsalted potato crisps but I cant get into nearly destroying a franchise (Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins
 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins) in exchange for HOPEFULLY landing a future hall of famer. Get the right heads in there and Detroit Red Wings this thing back on track. What? Chicago tanked for years and won it all as well? Hmm according to this mimeograph from Collier’s Magazine that I had made at an either frolic Chicago is also the third largest city in America, it’s Blackhawks franchise is 85 years old OH and the city is capable of supporting an NFL team and TWO MLB teams…huh, thanks Colliers. Maybe I’ve been a Sens fan too long and am soured on that process –Breaking News: Alexandre “The Next Mario Lemieux” Daigle has a job interview at American Eagle Outfitters this afternoon! Good Luck BRO! Im not saying I don’t believe in the draft…Im just saying I don’t believe in leaning entirely on the draft.  Also faklgh;l khaergkajerghio adflgkbda;fg
Some thoughts on the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Is it just me or are we moving into a new paradigm where we start saying “everyone is up for grabs except for Spezza, Karlsson, Kelly and Winchester?” Seriously, Kelly and Winnie are playing with a lot of heart still. Glad to see it get rewarded with points. Props to Winchester for getting first star last night.
– Gonchar moved back to proper side / Gonchar + 5 on the night.
– Are there wedding bells betwixt Chris Kelly and Milan Michalek?
“I would definitely like to go on another date with Milan” – Chris Kelly as told to Chuck Woolery on Line Connection
-Brian Lee had a pretty good night drawing into the line up. Solid work young (looking) man. 
-Seeing Robin Lehner in net took me back to the heady winter of 1963 when I was a NINETEEN YEAR OLD. I myself had just started MY first game in net for the Flin Flon Apothecaries except it wasn’t called hockey then …we called it Ice Canes.  Seriously…that VERY young man did pretty well considering he was thrown into an absolute shit storm. Does he have work to do still? The entire world has work to do still. Let’s let him have this one off to enjoy his win.

– Daniel Alfredsson scores on first shot on net. In other Daniel Alfredsson news, Daniel Alfredsson remains the best.


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