Lame Day Preview: A Tale of Two Shitties Or Robttawa Lehnators vs. Renfrew Millionaires

James Says:

So let’s cut the crap (this posting) and get to the grout lines of this tile flooring (worst analogy of all time? WORST analogy of all time..and possibly even before The Land Before Time 2: Back in the fdASDLkfasf).

As you have all heard by now the Senators have recalled Martin Gerber Jr. from the Renfrew Millionaires JJJJJUUUUSST CRYING! Kidding! Okay, Robin Lehner is getting his first LNH start tonight.
So …I’m not going to deny that this is shaping up to be some MUST SEE TEEVEE but instead of expecting a 1992 era T.G.I.F. lineup lets tune in for a little Thursday night L.T.O.E. (Let’s Temper Our Expectations).

I personally don’t think it’s a desperation move putting Lehndawg in net or that it’s going to diarrhea his development or whatever. I think its more of a “BRIAN ELLIOT CANT WIN A GAME RIGHT NOW AND LECLAIRE ( to reiterate) IS INJURED FROM INJURING HIMSELF REHABBING AN INJURY AND THE OTHER BACK UP HAS STRUGGLED WITH INJURIES SINCE THE PRESEASON” type of move.
Ugh. Teams put rookie goaltenders in sometimes. Now is one of those times and I think he’ll be okay but (in fairness to Elliot as well) he cant be the entire team so its Godspeed You! Terrible Defense / Flaccid Offense.


I think more importantly…someone needs to actually put more than 1 puck in the net…over the course of the game and not at once that doesn’t really count….eh, whatever try it, see if I stop you. Anyway, speaking of tempering the living shit out of one’s expectations Corey Locke draws into the lineup tonight in hopes of generating some offense.
Once upon a time (a couple of years ago) I happened to strike up conversation at an airport with a scout for the Montreal Canadians who also (according to him) used to work for Ottawa. I knew he was legit as I had seem him on TV before and he was also wearing a Montreal Canadians everything. Anyway, as a fan of the Mighty Ottawa 67s, I asked him, what happened Corey Locke former star 67 and 2 time OHL MVP. He curtly said. “Hmmm, Locke, yeah, too small, too slow” [Note: I will be at the 67s game Friday night at the CCFR booth signing hotdogs outside the men’s room].
“Great story, James” – Everyone reading this
He basically told me that for his skillset he’d likely be an effective AHL career guy. But after seeing Locke in his post-67s glory in that Binghamton v. Hamilton game at SBP (sorry I mean Palladium) I noticed an attribute that maybe that scout politely left off his list…DUDE WAS THE LAZIEST PLAYER ON THE ICE. Considering he was playing HIS OLD TEAM IN FRONT OF THE FANS/GM OF THE TEAM HE WAS AIMING TO PLAY FOR, he was noticeably Kovadaisicalev out there. I left that game thinking that he must be riding Butler’s (who was Bingos best forward that night) coat tails. But then I thought, “im pretty sure his AHL career numbers are really good though – I cant confirm that… Ask Jeeves is down right now – so maybe the scout was right? Look kid, as a 67 year old man/sometimes tax payer I have earned the right to call you that, prove me wrong that you are more than a slow Ryan Shannon and light it up on your line with Ryan Shannon [the fast Corey Locke] and Nick Foligno [the somehow even lower scoring Mike Foligno].
Happy (?) Viewing to all.

Conrad says:

I don’t really see this as much more than the management getting a peek at a promising prospect in a lost season. Toronto is playing Reimer. I think the Islanders are playing their rookie. So this is a kid getting a game against one of the league’s worst teams at a time when there couldn’t possibly be less at stake. Though probably good for his development, I worry that it’s either A) rushing a 19 year old unnecessarily, or B) may, somehow, probably not (but maybe), reinvigorate the team – which, let’s be clear, ONLY means worsening our draft position.

Want to know how awesome a 4th overall pick is? Did you see Ryan Johansen in the World Juniors? How about Evander Kane? Or Tyler Myers, or the player who went right after him, Luke Schenn? Outside of maybe the top five it gets more crapshooty, but inside that magical five it’s all but guaranteed – you WILL get an impact player. We need the types of guys on our team, and putting in our best goaltender before he’s had a chance to become our best goaltender either hurts him or helps the team – thereby hurting us.
Look at Toronto the year they drafted Kadri. They stank, had their 1st round pick, and we looking at picking up their second top five pick in two years. Then Burke picks up Gerber for no discernable reason at all, the team plays a little bit better but doesn’t go on a miracle run, and gets the seventh overall pick instead. These little decisions are all the difference between having a franchise player and having merely a contributor.
Therefore: I’m good with one game. ONE. GAME. Then back to Binghamton he goes and we ride Mike Brodeur to glory / a top five pick.

Peter Says:

Pete tears a sheet off a dusty dot matrix printer. “well well look what just came over the wire… Corey Locke to make preseason debut 3 months later.” Hmmm very interesting. If I were him I’d get as many shots on net as possible, even if it means concussing the timbits goalie between periods. Cuz there’s one thing I do know. CLOUSTON IS GIVING YOU 3 MINUTES OF ICE TIME. it starts as soon as you start tying your skates. So get going.
all the callups in the world won’t matter if they don’t get time to actually play. Cloustons coaching for his job. Unbelievably he’s the only one who thinks he’ll survive the season. Ergo, no ice time for scrubs. Only regular scrubs who don’t call him Ginger nuts get to play.
Conrad you are crazy right about the value of the top five pick. This town needs someone to get excited about. Hell, let’s let the isles win and push for número uno. They’ll just waste it on Brett lindros again anyways.

James wont shut up:

Draft position is nice but if they win i have to say it doesnt hurt the team. Guh, I have such a hard time with this rooting for a loss crud. Makes me feel like a leafs fan. I also worry about NO ONE GOING TO GAMES anymore – what with us being cursed to have a franchise in a city of people whos dads liked the leafs. At any rate, trust me this team is not going to have much difficulty losing a lot of games even if Lehner started the rest of the season. I will always think a culture of pride is necessary to the players who stay on the team…in other words the Sens cant just lose every single game now that they arent going to make the playoffs. Plus there is plenty to look forward to with eleventy trillion dollars coming off the books and hopefully picking up extra picks regardless at the trade deadline. Also you accidentally spelt Brayden Schenn Luke Schenn….because…Luke Schenn has played…less than awesome for the last 2 of his 3 seasons.

also can we give it up AGAIN for how awesome Steven’s image was today?

Curtain Call:


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