Lame Day Preview: Extra Lame Sauce Edition! Ottawa Landeskogs vs. New Jersey Drying Paint

So, lets get hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyped!!!!!!!!!! This morning, between HI-LAR-I-OUS jokes about boobs (probably) by “Jungle” Jim (GREAT NAME FOR AN ADULT!) on Team 1200, the other guy (what am I? MADE of knowing stuff about terrible radio? Note: I’m working on it) attempted to get a preview of tonight’s game Vs. the Devils going with the much more palatable morning version of future Sens GM Pierre McGuire. McGuire really got the fanbase worked into a frenzy of excitement by forecasting a game for ‘Ottawa fans who just want to get a look at the prospects and hardcore New Jersey fans’ *AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRHORRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!!!!!!!!!!* COME ON FEEL THE NOIIIIIIIIIIIISE GIIIIIIIIIIIRLS (happy International Womyns day btw) GET READY FOR SOME AHL PLAYERS AGAINST A STIFLING TRAP SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WANT MOOOOORE MOOOOOORE MOOOOOOOOOORE CUZ THE BRUUUUUIN’S ARE NOT BORING ENOOOOOOOUGH!!! *blistering guitar solo*

Whew, I need a second to come down. . . wow. Can someone get me a High C and Vodka or something?  

I mean, Im going to watch the game and all… but definitely with other stuff going on (Laundry Live Blog?) When was the last time you played Scrabble? Do you know how to play cribbage? Its pretty fun. Check it out!!!!!!!!!

Pleasant surprise Colin Greening draws into the line up so that’s a thing that’s happening. As for other AHL call up news, the votes have been tallied and its official the next Dostoyevsky novel that Francis Lessard will read is going to be… THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD! OHHHHH SNAP!! An upset victory over the heavily favored Notes From Underground! Francis thanks you for all your votes and promises he should be done soon.  H/T to @REALfrancislessardbookclub for the tip!

 New Jersey looks to win their fifth straight against Les Boys as they are sizzling hot and rising in the Eastern standings

Smooth Jimmy’s Science Korner: Sizzling hot and rising in the Eastern standings is completely independent from playing a remotely entertaining brand of hockey.

Prediction Thing: I will follow through on my plans to drink Caesars with Steven during the game, Spezza scores a goal, Caesar stains fail to show on my red Sens jersey.


3 thoughts on “Lame Day Preview: Extra Lame Sauce Edition! Ottawa Landeskogs vs. New Jersey Drying Paint

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