He’s here to fill the Chara sized hole in your heart…

though that would probably be your entire chest and part of the couch also…

I wish my phone’s auto correct would give up the idea of changing the word “Sens” to something else, not happening. Sorry you can have “Konopka” though…haha “Manillla”, priceless.

Tons of folks got excited texts from me today (join the Pete’s excited texts mailer).  I only wished I knew more Islander fans. The remorse on the message boards is profound. They’ll miss a solid guy and someone who isn’t easy to push around. What’s not to love? I think it’s perfect for this team and a huge coup.  There are scores to settle that the former 67 now knows all about. We need to start thinking of an awesome nick-name for this fourth line.

I was going to go with "Deadliest Catch"


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