In which you’re in the water, cage is in the water, Heatley is in the water…

I, just like all of you CCFRians (that’s a thing) were looking forward to the hotplate of sweet justice that was due to Cape Heatley when the Prodical Judas returned to Ottawa.  Do you remember when Neil put Chara on his butt just seconds after the CBC flashed an image of them being besties in the changing room hallway before the game.  Nothing sort of an Ottawa blowout win and Neil/Heatley bout would quench my ill tempered humors, of course Ottawa would come through…  Or service us up a wet sandwich like performance with an untouched, apathetic and constantly spitting (seriously man, that shit is gross) Heatley.  Good news though, there is a chance for redemption when the Sens play Heatley’s new team in the form of the famed Minnesota Tiger-Cats in the home opener of the 2012-2013 season.  I hope they play the Real Francis Lessard (after he finishes The Illiad of course)


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