Hey, Internet, what are we searching for?

A mildly less racist look at what’s getting you from the comfort of your snuggie to the pacifying waters of Lake WTYKY…

Ugh, Corporate sponsorship is ruining the NHL….though the Ottawa Baconators does have a good ring to it and would only require a few changes letter wise.


1 thought on “Hey, Internet, what are we searching for?

  1. You: Hey, James?
    James: Yeah huh?
    You: Could you please be a little more drunk when you post stuff up?
    James: mmmmm…I dont know, it would be really uncomfortable but I suppose I’ll give it a shot in the future
    You: Thanks, you’re the best.
    James: No I’m not.
    You: That’s true. Good night.
    James: 🙂
    You: F.U.
    James: 😦
    End Communication.

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