Scotchcast Episode 3: The Triforcening


Varada, James and Steve at long last break their silence on the topic of the Ottawa Senators on this podcast. Their shortest episode yet! Clocking in at two full seconds shorter than episode 2. I know these things are lengthy and speaking as a working mother of 14, just like you, I know you don’t have all the time in world but yo check this out: Just download this thang to your mobile device, tablet device, personal computer device OR WHO KNOWS WHAT SPICY DEVICE and listen to it in delicious bite sized morsels…because you know what? No, seriously, seriously I’m trying to tell you something…you know what? You’re worth it.

Hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Scotchcast Episode 3: The Triforcening

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    • A little balancing out after starting the season off with a relentlessly hard schedule. Don’t want to make excuses but I think it was a miracle they went .500 on that roadtrip they started the year with. Also, we did talk about how December was a blown opportunity to do well but I’ll welcome any good news. Trouble is, you just don’t know who this team is going to be able to beat. They lose to Buffalo and Florida but then beat St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Washington later in the month. What me worry?

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